back from Sydney... Bequia et al.

  1. just got back from a little Sydney shopping crusade and here's what i brought home:


    the Bequia Trotter is such a fine and understated bag. i really love the detailing and the new "cloudy" leather effect is quite interesting. but i won't be keeping it for myself. it'll be my dad's first city/messenger bag :yes: im trying to test the waters if he will adapt to carrying a casual bag. mum got a Suhali Lockit for Xmas, this is my dad's turn for his birthday.

    i've always prefered the look of the Tanger chemise toile more than the Mini Lin versions. but i've been rather indecisive about this bag's practicality and use for 2 years. it has waited for me this long, it was meant to be :love:

    and don't worry, the pink Tobago-esque ballet flats are mum's :p
  2. oh~ congrats!^^* i really like that ballet flats..:love::love::love:
  3. congrats:love:
  4. My eyes went straight to the ballet flats lol.
  5. here's a couple of close-up photos of the bags:

    Bequia Trotter marron:

    Tanger Sac Plat w/ pillow:
  6. congrats
  7. Very nice bag
  8. Ahhh, love the Trotter! And I see purple! :smile:
  9. Congratulations.
  10. :heart: everything! Impeccable taste you have and a generous soul, lucky parents!:flowers:
  11. oh my god that trotter is amazing! what line is that from and what is the sue for it . did that pillow come with it?
  12. Congrats! wonderful purchases :biggrin:
  13. thanks all!

    the Bequia Trotter is from the men's Spring 07 Precollection. the striped Tanger is from the men's S/S 05 show collection. this is the only style that came in the striped shirting material with the pillow/cushion. don't ask me why, even the SAs i've asked couldn't explaing it's use convincingly :shrugs:
  14. maybe its the lighting, but im pretty sure it only came in white :yes:

  15. i wish they also released this Keepall: