Back from Spain w/ some new LV

  1. Black Monogram Denim Zephyr sneaker

  2. Dog tag necklace

  3. FW 07/08 Runway monogram bag

  4. HOT HOT HOT!!!! Looooove the dog tag necklace and the PDV the most!

    What is the exact name for the dog tag necklace? I want it sooo bad!
  5. Woo! Congrats! You got the PDV too!
    It's so chic, my dad who usually doesn't notice my bags says it looks good, lol.
  6. woo-hoo!!! nice haul and welcome to the PDV Club! this bag is my current #1 fave :tup: how was Spain by the way?
  7. nice purchases congrats...
  8. Congrats .... great purchases:love:
  9. wow seems like you had a great holiday! Love the PDV!
  10. Congrats on all your goodies!

    :heart: the sneakers.
  11. Great trip indeed!!! Love the new additions!!:yes:
  12. Looks Great! Congratulations!
  13. HOTNESS.....I love the dog tag.
  14. Thanks, John 5. I think the line is called Champs Elysees.
  15. wow ... great stuff, congrats!