Back from skiing and a couple of visits to Hermes...

  1. Well, we are back safely from our week's skiing in the French Alpes. In spite of snow blizzards, we set off for the next valley - and Hermes in Courchevel on Valentine's day. I was supposed to be saving for a Birkin but a gold Picotin WAS on my wish list too and when they said they had one in the back, the Birkin budget get blown on a MM gold Picotin Clemence. It is just lovely. I have worn it several days already, even in the rain, it is so easy, I am much less precious with it, than my Kelly. DH also bought me a simple agenda and DD got another twilly for her collection, red berries on white background. There was no way I could ski back into Meribel, so we took the bubbble lift up and down the mountain- got some very interested stares with my huge orange bag, I just wish I had the skill and confidence to ski down with it, that would have been so cool! Anyway, from Meribel to Nice where we visted another Hermes store plus another one too at the airport, where I bought a couple more small accessories which I will post exciting but no money in Birkin fund now so it's back to eBay to start fund-raising again :smile:

    Just for interest, there was a 35 cm Birkin (sold) in the window - gris tourtourelle, I thought it was etoupe at first, it was a beauty, swift I think. In the shop, I got to handle a 30cm Birkin - ostrich tangerine - this is the size I want, but it IS smaller than I realised. They also had a lovely MM Picotin in white with orange trim, great for the summer and they said that in the back they had 2 MM picotins in ebene one with turquiose and one with green trim. In Nice, they had a 35 cm (or 32 possibly) sellier Kelly, ebene or similar shade of dark brown in vache liegee, it was gorgeous, someone was buying it when we were there. They also had a sweet tiny 'onimetou bis' the tiny open-topped messanger bag in rose dragee swift - it has an extra pocket on the outside- that's the 'bis' part, it would be lovely for the summer, DD quite fancied this one!

    I missed everyone on the tPF, it's good to be back

    Here are some pics, I will post more of some of my new goodies, sorry there's no close up of my Picotin, I can't believe I have one already, only just got my Kelly, I'm so lucky:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    pico1.jpg pico2.jpg pico3.jpg berrytwilly.jpg
  2. How wonderful!

    I think the gold picotin was worth making the birkin wait! It looks beautiful on you! You're daughter is gorgeous!
  3. How wonderful! I love the pics. You and your daughter are adorable!
  4. Gorgeous pics of you, DD, and H treats!!!
  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ski trip story w/ us!!! We are going skiing this week, but alas no H store nearby!!! DARN!!! Beautiful picotin!! It looks great on you!!! CONGRATS! The red berries twilly is soooo adorable on your DD!!! It is fast becoming one of my fav designs!!!
  6. ok, that's it -- i have to have a MM Picotin. great pictures -- thanks for sharing? your daughter is precious.
  7. Great pics and great treats!
  8. allaboutnice, your pictures are precious! And, I love Hermes store pics but never remember to take any from the outside. Your MM Gold Picotin will go with everything in that beautiful clemence. Congratulations, on your great finds!
  9. thank you sharing your trip and beautiful pics with us. Congrats on your Picotin!
  10. Great pictures!! Thank you for sharing. You wear the Picotin well.
  11. Sounds like such a wonderful trip! Great pictures--the Picotin looks great on you. Your daughter is beautiful! The twilly looks so nice on her as a head band.
  12. Awwww you look so cute!! Beautiful scenery and your daughter is freakin' adorable!!!
  13. Great pics, you and your DD are so adorable together.
  14. Beautiful pictures! Love the picotin and the twilly for your DD. :heart: Thanks for sharing!
  15. GORGEOUS pictures!!! Thank you for sharing. CONGRATS on all the new goodies!!!:yahoo: