Back from Shepton - but with what???

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  1. I'm back from Shepton & with me is a nice new bag. So what did I get then?????

    I had the boys with me so there was no way I could spend a lot of time there. I did a whizz round & here's what I remember seeing.
    Ali - they had the oak Roxy (I saw 2) and it was £416. One was marked sub but I picked the other one up & it looked good.
    Also spotted:
    gunmetal Agyness,
    black Agyness,
    black Agyness hobo,
    medium Midnight Mabel,
    black mini Mabel,
    pink Georgie,
    lavender Rosemary,
    pink Jacquetta,
    mauve Roxy,
    pink Blenheim,
    pistachio Joni (really nice! walked around with this one for a while),
    pistachio small version of Joni,
    pale blue Helier,
    aqua Roxanne,
    pale pink Soho,
    coral Agyness,
    coral Agyness hobo,
    coral Regent,
    blue Smithfield - large & small,
    red small Smithfield,
    black Roxanne,
    black Kensington,
    Antony (without front pocket) in brown, terracotta red,
    lemon Roxanne,
    big version of Araline in soft pale blue, cream & mocha brown.
    Raisin Agyness.
    Black Babington.
    Choc & nude Phoebe.
    Mauvey snakeskin small Agyness.
    Gold Mabel.
    Choc Brooke.
    Choc Martha (lovely!).
  2. Pale blue helier:smile:
  3. Oooh what did you get sarajane? And how much was the brooke and the big araline things? and the midnight mabel?
  4. Daisy - I didn't get a chance to note prices down because boys had me on a timer by then! If you give SM a call, I'm sure they'd be able to tell you the prices.
  5. I'm sticking with aqua Roxy.

    Alternatively, did you find a Brooke??
  6. Soooo what did you come home with? I'm on tenterhooks!
  7. A quick whizz round - Good grief woman! Do you have a photographic memory?
  8. don't tell me you didn't get anything??? surley not
  9. Talk about "how do you keep an idiot in suspense?"! Tell all, please!!
  10. Oh no Evie, I definitely came home with something!
  11. Is it something from the list??
  12. Coral Agyness Hobo?
  13. Huge araline in cream
  14. No no no brainwave....
    Midnight mabel:nuts:
  15. Give us a clue..............