Back From Seattle LV...

  1. I was a good girl...I didn't buy anything! I tried to buy their only LVOE bandeau, but it was on hold for someone :crybaby:

    I did try on a bunch of bags....UGh I'm in LOVE!

    The stratus GM was gorgeous! Huge....but gorgeous!

    I also tried on the Ursula in black MC...another HUGE gorgeous bag! Didn't like the Rita. The Ursula kind of reminds me of the Stephen...with the pleat and all. into talking with one of the SAs about Lockits. He talked about the Miroir ones...and also said that there are a bunch of exotic Lockits coming out in different colors and skins...and also said there will be new colors of Suhali.

    He also mentioned that they just order all their F/W pieces...and the monotechno line will have 2 ranges...the ones with exotic skin handles/trim...and ones with the regular black patent leather.

    Oh boy....I'm going to have so much stuff to buy!
  2. I am dying to make the trip up to the Seattle boutique. Thanks for the info!
  3. Did they have any other cloud bags?! I want to head down this weekend!
  4. Did they have Azur Speedies? Perhaps I could make a little day-trip down to Seattle at some point. I will probably get killed at the border though, Customs hates me. :sad:
  5. Great info-sounds like you had fun! And don't worry, you'll find an LVOE bandeau soon!
  6. have u try 866? They are usually good at locating items :yes:
  7. Please ask for Louie Santiago at the Seattle LV.....he is my SA and is the best...I even got a lovely VIP travel kit from him.
  8. They only had the one cloud bag. They also had one of the dark blue huge button bags, a patchwork bowly, and 2 of the exotic small MC bags.
    I saw Azur...but I can't say with 100% certainty if there was a speedy or not (sorry!)

    I haven't tried 866 uyet for the LVOE bandeau....I guess I should! I'm just lazy and kept using it as an excuse to go to the boutiques during my travels!
  9. Yay! Glad you had fun in Seattle!
  10. And you didn't buy anything? How does somebody do that?
    I have no self-control....
  11. Hey glad you had fun in Seattle! Let us know next time you're back and we'll grab a coffee and shop!!!
  12. Thanks for all the info, sounds like a great trip!
  13. I was there too and I met the regional VP for the West Coast! I should have schmoozed some more for a job at corporate. :smile: She wore the $17,900 padlock pendant. It was so gorgeous! She said they are having a women's RTW trunk show in the near future and it will be pretty big that they will be reserving a space in the Fairmount Hotel next door to showcase.
  14. Isn't Seattle fun? That is the first LV boutique I had been to; I worked with a great guy who showed me all the vernis. Very nice little boutique.
  15. oooh... did he mention the new Suhali colours specifically? is the MonoTechno the same as the fading Mono Degrade bags? i really like those. i hope it crosses over to the men's show colleciton as well. black leather trims on Mono canvas really works :nuts: ...for me anyway.

    thanks for the info!