Back from SCP with my New Neverfull

  1. Yes, I got it. I couldn't pass it up. This is the PM size which is the smallest and it was only $575. Once I tried it on I knew it was mine. Its like having two bags in one. Love the way it gathers on both sides. And the interior is to die for. Enjoy the pics.
    neverfull pm 004.jpg neverfull pm 001.jpg neverfull pm 003.jpg neverfull pm 002.jpg
  2. thanks for sharing. i'm stil torn between the mm and gm. i haven't seen it in person yet.
  3. The mm was huge on me so I didn't bother to look at the gm. By the way I'm 5'2 105 lbs.
  4. I love it, it looks amazing on you!
  5. It looks great on you and congrats on your new lvoe
  6. When I was at the boutique today, I tried them out, and liked them.
  7. Where in SoCal do you live?
  8. Gorgeous, congrats!
  9. Very nice, congrats!
  10. PM looks perfect on you! congrats on your 'two' bags!
  11. Congrats! Love it!
  12. I live in Chino Hills in Carbon Canyon. How about you?
  13. looks great!
  14. Told ya, isn't is soooo cute? I am going to LV tomorrow, I sure hope the're all sold out so I don't buy one!!!!
  15. It's cute...Congrats!