Back from Saks

  1. So I am back from Saks, blew off my afternoon meetings...
    I purchsed the black jumbo caviar flap with silver hardware. I gave into my classic ban and just got it.
    I did better than EGC I abused my friends employee discount (it was double discount) so all in, it was 1350 and I had it shipped so no tax was charged.
    I had the gst on my shoulder, and as much as I do love it, I couldn't do it. I could have gotten it for 1137 but didn't do it. Maybe I don't like it at all, because at that price its a steal.
    Who knows, maybe next month...Though I must say, I was not happy, no one was working! Only Toni and Rosemary were there and the store was swamped.
  2. Congrats! I love the black jumbo and you got a fabulous deal at $1350! Post pics when it arrives :smile:
  3. Uh, I need hook ups with retail store discounts again!!!!!
  4. Can I abused your friend emp. discount too:graucho:? great price, excellent choice! Congratulations!!!:yahoo:
  5. wow, a double discount?? how do the employees get that? COngrAts!
  6. Congrats! Deals make breaking the ban all better! LOL
  7. wow, that's really a good deal !
  8. congrats on you great deal!
  9. CONGRATS! wat a great price
  10. congrats! you bought the exact bag im considering getting.i just hope bloomie's employees get discounts too lol.
  11. You did great!:tup:
  12. That is an amazing deal. Enjoy!
  13. Amazing!! I really must make friends with a Saks employee! :smile:
  14. Oh wow lucky you! I should go flirt with the male SAs when I shop haha
  15. Wow, that is excellent. Enjoy your bag when it comes.