Back from Saks! Bought the silver hw Jumbo to compare, and another Chanel bag. PIX!!!

  1. Okay so I went to Saks today to get the Jumbo with the silver h/w so I can compare it to my gold one I just got two days ago. Everyone on this board likes the silver better so I just wanted to see both together at home. Of course while I was at Saks looking around, I found one other bag that I think is sooooo adorable. I am not keeping both of course but I got it to look at home as well. It was "only" $1650 which sounds so cheap for a leather Chanel bag. It's calfskin and it is from the Spring/Summer collection. They only had two left. Anyone know the name of it? What do you girls think?? I am not keeping both the Jumbo and the cute little bag hehe. I wish but I can't afford it.

    It's a flap.


    And then here is the Jumbo with silver h/w


    And both the gold and silver h/w Jumbos together


    Opinions please! :yes:
  2. I like the silver hardware better personally!
    Isnt the other one a Diamond stitch flap?Not sure..ANYONE?
  3. I love the cute little flap! I prefer the Jumbo with the silver hardware. Congrats!
  4. Yeah, definately, the small diamond stitch flap. I have the same bag. Congrats on your Jumbo it looks lovely.
  5. I think I am gonna keep the silver Jumbo. I am liking it better now than the gold!!!! Hahaha.
  6. Wow, I usually prefer the siler, but on you I am loving the gold hardware...
  7. I like the silver Jumbo. It's just so chic and beautiful.
  8. yeah I like the silver hardware better.
  9. Hehe does no one really like that small calfskin bag?
  10. LOVE the silver hardware ...
  11. I like the silver jumbo ,it looks younger than gold hardware.:p
  12. Omg the first bag is gorgeous... I LOVE IT! And I personally prefer the s/h!
  13. Silver for sure! Yea, that first bag looks like the diamond stitch flap. I tried it on at NM the other day and it was too small for my taste.
  14. Love the silver Hw!!!!
  15. I like silver on you.