Back from Pittsburgh, and with a little something to complete one of my collections!

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  1. Hey peeps!

    I'm back from Pittsburgh, and I had a pretty good time :biggrin:! I stayed in the Marriott Pittsburgh City Center Hotel, which was walking distance from Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's, and honestly, there wasn't much to do in Pittsburgh except eat and shop, which I did a lot of. I went to the Mall at Robinson and Ross Park Mall, and managed to buy a new black dress from Bebe for my acappella group's performance at the NY Governor's Inauguration on New Year's Day, an adorable shirtdress, and of course, something from LV in Saks :graucho:.

    I canNOT believe my luck. Ever since the new berry and transparent Inclusion items were released, I've been calling the 866 to locate the transparent Inclusion bracelet and ring, because they were the last pieces I needed to get. And every time I called I was unsuccessful, but lo and behold, when I went to Saks in Pittsburgh and asked if they were available, the SA immediately said they were :nuts:! She showed me the bracelet and ring that were on display, and she and the other SAs couldn't help laughing at my excitement when I told them I'd been searching for them forever. I wanted the ring in a size 50, and THANK GOD the ONLY ring available was a size 50. They had another bracelet in stock, so I didn't have to get the display piece.

    Now my Inclusion collection is FINALLY complete, and I can say I'm pretty much satisfied -- well, at least until any new colors are introduced :angel:. So ladies and gentlemen, here's my Christmas gift to myself, and the rest of my Inclusion family:

    P/S: Visuals of the rings and bracelets are already up!


    Bracelets (beige GM, black GM, old pink PM, berry, transparent)


    Rings (transparent, black, beige, berry)


    Speedy keychains (beige, black, berry, transparent)

  2. Lovely pieces! Congrats on the new buys. I just called Elle the queen of accesories, but maybe you're the princess. :lol:
  3. CONGRATS!!!! Your new things are lovely!!!
  4. Your collection is amazing! :smile: Congratulations!!
  5. Wow! Congrats!
  6. :drool: :drool: ur inclusions! Congratz!
  7. Way to go. Congratulations.
  8. Congrats, Sandra!
    Glad you had a great time. You always have such great taste!:love:
  9. owowow

    i don't really like them b4
    but after i saw your photos
    i'm falling in love
  10. Sandra, your collection is fab! :nuts:
  11. Congrats!!! Love them all!
  12. What fabulous luck! Congrats on all your beauties!!
  13. gorgeous pieces, lucky you!
  14. Congrats, I love your inclusions ! :yes:
  15. wow love them, congrats!