Back from Paris!

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  1. Hello all! I just got back from Paris this morning. Thanks to Gina B & TammyD(?) threads, the experience was excellent. Last Thursday & Friday were spent in Luxembourg, & Monday to Wednesday in Milan. My Hermes experience got progressively better from there...The Milan store was hopeless, only one dark brown (?), (store lighting was bad) Kelly 35 on display & no Birkins :cursing: so I compensated at Prada & Gucci. In Luxembourg, they had a 28 Chevre Kelly in Fuchsia & displayed was a Veau Swift 35 Birkin Vermillion both in PH. The really nice young man whom the staff referred to as the boss said that someone had ordered the Vermillion Birkin & were picking it up this Wednesday Feb 07(of course I tried begging for it) then he e asked if I was interested in a croc Birkin with diamonds that he had, (who isn't????)I had to say no, my budget is for initiation leathers :sad: . The order list is closed like everywhere else, he said that his upcoming order in Paris is for 40 bags. Now Paris, I got DH out of the hotel 9:55 am, 5 minutes brisk walk from Mothership, at 10 am we were in front of the store, nice displays (refer to Gina's pictures),signs slung across the doors said that store opens 1030am (yes I remember now that Tammy had mentioned the hours) but my Frommers guidebook said that opening hours were 10am. Anyway, we window-shopped La Perla, Lanvin,then DH popped into Dolce & Gabbana (picked out a shirt, pair of jeans , pair of shoes & a belt),as the tailor was tacking his jeans for resizing, it was 1025am, love you DH but I GTG. So I was in front of the store there were probably 10 other women there including a very chic-ly dressed woman who was carrying her beautiful chihuahua in a handheld bag. I was first to rush in, asked a salesperson if they had Birkins, she said no, all sold out. Then in compensation mode, I was considering the displayed Kellys, black swift 35, Vert Anis Chevre 35 both PH. A nice salesperson helped me, showed me size 32 black swift GH & Vermillion swift 28. Then I asked him if they had any Birkins, he went to the computer, tapped in 30 no stock, voila 35 2 orange, 2 0r 3 Vert Anis & 2 or 3 Etoupe all Swift PH(might be inaccurate as I was already over the moon), salesperson showed me the Etoupe & Orange one, DH was now by my side,we both liked the orange on immediately. It is a very bright color but as we live in a tropical country, it will get a lot of wear. So I asked the nice salesperson if I could buy the Vermillion Kelly as well, he said only one allowed. So DH is caught up in Hermes fever, we dropped off purchases in hotel, hopped in a taxi, off we go to the the George V store, it looked really old, but over the threshold we go, no Birkins, but Ebene 32 Kelly, Rouge H 32 Kelly & voila Orange 32 Togo Kelly PH (again),( the had the BJ mini Kellys in both stores), orange was the theme of the day. So there, my first Birkin & my first Kelly.(There's a bit more to the orange theme, I'll tell you about that later!) :yahoo: DH I am your slave forever! :graucho: Thanks for sharing my passions!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. WOW! Thanks for the report and looking forward to your pics!
  3. Yipee! Another successful experience in Paris! Congratulations! Please post pics! :yahoo:
  4. Wow! Congratulations Medusa! Please post pics soon :yahoo:
  5. Congratulations! Pics please!
  6. Great scoop... congrats and welcome to the orange side of its nice over here....:yes:
  7. a birkin and a kelly from hermes paris mothership.... talk about starting on the right footing
  8. :yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo:

    Wow, good to hear such happy story. Your DH is so sweet! Hope you'll post pictures soon.
  9. :yahoo: WOWEE!! Well Done! Sounds like a very successful trip. Can't wait to see your loot. :sweatdrop:
  10. Congrats on getting your birkin and kelly in the city of lights!!!! BOTH sound so divine and lovely!! George V had mini Kellys?? WOW!! I bet those were adorable!!! Pls. post pics soon!!! BTW, welcome to the H subforum!! You will be forever addicted!!!
  11. oh wow! pls. post pics whenever you get the chance!

    what a wonderful experience!
  12. Yeah!!!! Another fabulous experience in Paris!!!! Congrats...your trip to Europe sounds like an amazing experience...such great locales!!!

    Have to admit envy in respect to your 35 cm kelly sightings...sigh...July...hopefully...sigh...
  13. ^^Congrats Medusa....Can't wait to see pics....Both sound DIVINE!!:yahoo:

    SoCal!! sending you pre-July H-vibes, but you still have AZ, too!:graucho:
  14. Paris is the motherload, I tell 'ya! Everyone is coming back with HTF Birkins and gorgeous Kellys! WOohoo!!
    Congrats on your amazing purchases and experience!
  15. Hehehe...and SCP and BH and LV and SF...and maybe Chicago to visit friends...oh yeah, and there is always NY... Note to self...2-3 bags max in 2007...remember... I suppose I am most envious in respect to the options available in Paris... To have multiple colors to choose from to obtain immediate gratification...ahhh... AHL...rubbing Happy Buddha belly for an amazing spring Paris H experience for you! Medusa, looking forward to your pics!!!