Back from Paris with pics and a sweet souvenir


Jun 29, 2006
(repost, only outside of my old thread 'going to paris' thread so that it makes more sense.)

Paris was awesome. Beautiful beautiful city, everything seems so ornate. People take such care there with the things that they do. Their shops, their food, and their style of dressing.

And now for the LV info. I went to the Champs store, wow. Very large! I checked out all the rooms upstairs and down (or most, I think I skipped jewelry. My male friend was waiting for me so I didn't want to be too long).

LV store oustide.jpg

Here is a pic of how busy it was. (got busted here for taking a pic)

lv inside.jpg

Took more pics anyway for you guys

lv store luggage.jpg

But we were on our way back from the Arc de Triumph, so I made plans to get my bag another day. ;).

For my second trip to an LV and to purchase my bag I went to the LV nearest where I was staying, a store in Saint Germain Des Pres, much quieter. there were maybe only 10 people in the entire store including myself and the guy I was with. All the sales people speak english of course, so that was cool. I picked up my bag, asked all my questions about getting the VAT back (the european included tax of 20%!).

the best was, while I was finished signing and everything, a larger than life American walked in, shirt all hanging out, travel bag slung over her chest, threw open the doors, walked in and said loudly "BON-jor!" (just like that, strong pronounciation of the J and all). My friend and i were all .:wtf:. :shame:We say it to each other all the time now. :P. So do the people in my office.

it was really funny.

And without further adieux, my new Speedy 25.
new speedy.jpg

And perfect timing, it's been raining like crazy since i got back and this bag is perfect for the rain. mono, not so much.
Goes with everything. i love it.