Back from Paris with my 226 navy metallic reissue!

  1. She is gorgeous:yahoo:I initially wanted a 227 but was told that it looked too big on me so got the 226 and love her!:love: The SA in Paris was so nice and they packaged it so well with lots of pretty camelia flowers and ribbons....which I kind of ruined when I couldn't resist peeking lol:lol:

    Also, the bottom part popping out was bugging me so I put a thick transparent card at the base of the bag and it fixed the problem! (if anyone wants to try it out ;) )

    Anyway here are pics for the ladies who aren't already bored of seeing another navy!
    Notice how my kitty also loves it:wlae:

  2. What a goregous bag...congrats!! I can't wait to get mine soon!

    Your pic with your cat and your bag is TOO CUTE!!!
  3. Très magnifique, congratulations Madame!
  4. Aww, your cat is too cute! :girlsigh: Haha, I would've peeked too... I'd be too excited! :nuts: What a stunning bag... I'm waiting for the same one!! :love: Congrats and enjoy!! :yahoo:
  5. F, that is gorgeous! Congrats!:love:
  6. beautiful color, congrats!!!
  7. wow, I'm totally falling for these metallic reissues. The navy is simply gorgious!! Enjoy it a lot!!
  8. Congratulations! Maybe I'll get a chance to see this one IRL someday too.:girlsigh:
  9. s:huh:o PRETTY!!! cOngrats :tup:
  10. Percephonie it' beautiful!!
    I don't like that my bottom bit pops out either but the SA said that that was supposed to be the 2.55 style..hmm..I prefer it all flat at the bottom though.
    Congratz on the buy!!

    PS.Just PM'd you!
  11. gorgeous, congrats! I hope Paris was a blast!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Thanx everyone! Paris was great! They had quite a few selections actually (saw they had green, red, black and not sure what else at the back) and I couldn't stop :drool: when looking at all the metallic colours! The SAs were laughing at me because I didn't want to let go of the bag when one of them told me she needed me to leave it for her to wrap :sweatdrop::lol:
  14. Paris has been good to you! Congrats and enjoy!
  15. congrats percephonie! where did you get the transparent card from?

    hope you had a great time at chanel... *cough* i mean paris. :p I LOVE PARIS!