Back from Paris with a bunch of new bags

  1. Hi Ladies!!!

    I wanted to show you my new purchases from my trip to paris!!! I went crazy there! I went to 4-5 different Gerard Darel boutiques and picked up these:

    I hope you like them!

    oh, and by the way, paris is heaven for people like us :lol:

    1. & 2. Charlotte 12 in brown
    3. & 4. Charlotte 12 in rose (pale pink)
    5. Charlotte 24 in silver (in the pic it seems like gold but it isn't:smile: )
    6. Charlotte 24 in silver (the pic is close to the real life color)
    7. Charlotte 24-11 in camel (this bag is from GD's Pablo line for young
    8. & 9. Charlotte 24-11 again (compared to a regular charlotte 24 with "vintage" style)
    10. Charlotte 24 and 12 together (they exchanged me the pink one finally because it had a defect!!! They gave me a new one:biggrin: )

    I love my new babies:heart: :heart: :heart:
    brown12pf1.jpg brown12pf2.jpg rose12pf1.jpg rose12pf2.jpg silver24pf1.jpg silver24pf2.jpg charlotte24-11pf1.jpg charlotte24-11pf2.jpg charlotte24-11pf3.jpg pinkies.jpg
  2. Oh my gosh, darelgirl. You are our Charlotte queen!!! Congrats on your beautiful purchases!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    So glad you got your dream bag at last! And a new one at that! It looks exactly like your avatar!! :love: :love:
  3. Wow congrats~ They are so pretty!
  4. you rule girl!!!!!!

    the one i will always love best is the vintage one and the tourquoiseone!! but they are all beautiful!
  5. Oh I am in LOVE with the pink one that you got's heaven in a bag!!!! I *will* find one of these one day. Where could I find one of these????? Figures I'm in the states :sad:
  6. Wow! You really cleaned them out! Congrats!
  7. wow, i don't know what to say...all your purchases are just beautiful!!!!!:love::love:
    i particularly love both the pink ones(the colour of the one that replaced your old one is amazing)and the silver one, wich is my favourite!
    congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!:heart:

  8. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Twinklette I saw more of them in paris so i guess it is not a problem to get them if you are in europe! Why don't you try and call a GD boutique in paris and ask if they are going to send them to the states?
  9. thanks mischa!!! :love:
    I actually replaced the bag andgot the same color! I have 3 different pink bags now
    pink1.jpg rose12pf1.jpg rose2.JPG
  10. Will do darelgirl! Do you know if they speak english because I certaily don't speak french lol :lol: Maybe I could even order one and have them ship it to me? Any clue if they do that?

    You have me in ~*pink heaven~* with those 3 pink bags!!! :love:

  11. i think they speak english! just try to call them! I know that they do ship to europe because that's how i got many of my GD bags!!! But i don't know if they ship to the states! Call them and ask!!!
  12. Ooooo what a collection you picked up :smile:
  13. congrats they are all lovly.
  14. Congratulations ! They are wonderful, especially the pink ones. Can they be bought online anywhere ?
  15. love 'em. congrats!! i think you probably got every style made!
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