Back from Paris w/info on Balenciaga shopping >>>

  1. Hi again, I'm back from Paris and we had a great time! We walked miles and miles because the Métro was on strike and taxis were extremely difficult to find...

    We also went to Balenciaga Printemps and Balenciaga Avenue George V:

    - Balenciaga Printemps (Blvd. Haussman): this is a medium-small store in store. They displayed only about 10-12 bags and few accessories but they had more in the back. I was after a SGH tomato Day but they were sold out. They had: SGH coin purse in violet, coin purse in steel, sgh money wallet in ocean, a ggh pine work, sgh violet work, steel work, sgh violet Day, violet matelasse, jaune step, sgh steel part time, black work, steel work, tomato step, city, twiggy... They'll call in about two weeks when the new shipment will be in.

    - Balenciaga Av. George V ("the Mothership"): these are 2 stores, one for clothes and one for clothes and bags, side by side. The one with bags - they had sgh tomato hobo (but no sgh tomato Day either!!!), citys in pine, yellow, mogano, sienna, ivory, sgh violet... Part-times in sienna, ivory, ..., twiggys in tomato, black, sienna, ..., Days in sgh violet, sgh steel, sienna..., a black step, matelasse bags, a rouille work, black work, pine work (I think)... but way more on the lower floor which was off limits to customers.

    They were very nice & helpful :tup:, and I was looking through lots of bags for about an hour. They still had many but were almost sold out of sgh tomato and sgh ocean :sad:. There were lots of violet and jaune bags though :yes:.

    In the end I just got replacement tassels for my sienna Day which had already split (the sales person said "that's normal"?? Well it's not for my 05 bags...) and for my blueberry money wallet (one long tassel free, I have to cut it to fit lol). :lol: But it was nice to see so many bags in person.

    On a side note, I found fantastic soft black overknee leather boots I'm totally in :heart: with and because they reach just above the knee, they are very wearable. I just put my jeans in them, very comfy.

    I made pics of the outside of the stores but I'll have to download them first. They'll be up later!

    Hope this gives you an idea of Bal in Paris! :smile:
  2. WOW this sounds fantastic :nuts: thank you so much for the detailed report dear lil sis 'C' south..... :flowers::love: can't wait to see your picutres :drool:
  3. WOW.....sounds like a fun day!!!!! Thanks for all the details :smile:
  4. Thanks for the info, looking forward to seeing the pics.
  5. Thanks so much for the info. Really helpful. Also good to know that spare tassles may be available from Bal/Paris. Sounds like you had a great trip.
  6. thank you so much for your detailed report!! :smile: much appreciated.
  7. As I wrote to you, Printemps is my fav place to shop bbags :graucho:...
    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip spite of the strike ;)
  8. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I was in Bal. Printemps on Sunday - whilst they don't have much on display they've got a HUGE pile of bags out the back.
  9. ^You were absolutely right. Av. George V even sent me back to Printemps because they had more bags!

    EDIT: Cal, I didn't know they were open on Sundays too (I wasn't there on Sunday). Did you get something?
  10. What a great detailed report, hope you had a great time, I love Paris and Bal Paris have always been great about taking telephone orders.
  11. Sounds like fun!!

    moving to shopping...
  12. wow! that sounds like a blast! nothing can beat shopping in paris! can't wait to see pics too! :heart::yes:
  13. I just tried emailing to ask about stock for certain bags, thinking this might be easier (and cheaper) than telephoning. I haven't heard back yet. What are other people's experiences ordering from them??
  14. Better call, they don't often check their e-mail.

    Here are the cell phone pics of both stores:
    BalGeorgeV.jpg Bal-Paris1.jpg Bal Paris.jpg Bal-Paris.jpg Bal-Printemps.jpg
  15. south, those are cellphone pics? wow, you must have a really good cell phone. sorry to hear about the strike, but while in paris i always walk. speaking of walking, are you gonna post pics of those boots? i got to see them.