Back from Paris: to tie, or not to tie?

  1. Although I'm new to the forum, and don't own any H bags (yet), I do have some lovely scarves. I just got back from Paris where I bought a beautiful scarf in blue CW called "Regarde Paris". My question is this: Do any of you tie your scarves on the handle of your handbags? Do you wear them on your handbag more or less, than around your neck? I love the scarves I own, but I don't always want to wear them the traditional way.
  2. I wear mine on my bags more. I have a Picotin and I always use a scarf to cover the contents inside and give it a little more color. :flowers:
  3. I never tie mine on a bag but I often wear them around my head or wrapped in my hair.

    Can we see a picture of your new scarf? It sounds lovely.
  4. I Love Tying Scarves To My Bag!!!!!

    Sounds Like A Lovely Time in Paris ~ Congratulations On Your New Scarf!!!!!!!
  5. Anabeni - have a look at Rose's "What scarf are you wearing today" thread. You'll get some great ideas for ways to wear your new scarf :yes:
  6. ^^^ Good idea.

    I have a bad habit of tying and retying and generally fretting over my big-girl scarves when I have them around my neck. But thrown over a coat, or around a bag... I never bother them :rolleyes: