Back from Paris.. Reveal.. (My 1st Reveal)

  1. Went to paris with no expectation to get a B.. Was only hoping to score a picotin and to score a lindy i thought would be a lovely surprise indeed..! And i got two Birkins in a day.. Wow..!
  2. your husband is amazing! he must have charmed the SA's! congrats on these incredible purchases!
  3. OMG!! You lucky, lucky girl, how amazing is that!!
  4. Congrats. I am so happy for you. Gerenium and Moutarde are both gorgeous! Enjoy your new babies. :heart:

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  5. MaggyH, jbcp, Vinia, lilluvangel, mustangsammy .. thank you for for staying up for my very first reveal :flowers::hugs:
  6. Beautiful bags and a persistent hubby! He did good :biggrin:
  7. Thank you :flowers:

    I know... i've been trying to find the horse shoe charm at my local H boutique but no luck.. so was happy to find it in europe.. and for cheaper price as well.. only 110 euro ;)

    hello there my friend! :smile:

    Yeesss... i love contrast stitching! :love:

    aaww thank youu Moda.. :hugs:

    Mrs.Rance is a dear friend of mine :yes:..

    Aaaww LG... so nice to have you in my thread :hugs: always admire your taste and collections :tup:

    Thanx for stopping by dear pijatte :flowers::flowers::flowers:
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    big congrats! love the colors of both bags!

    I'm going to Paris next month and would love to know your husband's secret on scoring bags?
  9. :graucho:


    I know.. it seems like the SA prefers man than woman.. they are nicer to my hubby indeed.. maybe because my hubby speaks french.. dunno really.. :shrugs:

    I know MaggyH.. i feel very very lucky indeed!

    i will pijatte :smooch::smooch::smooch:

    Thank you Coffee Addicted yes.. my hubby is very sweet... persistent pays off.. :yes::yes:
  10. Ahh, that's so sweet and thoughtful of your husband. The shoulder bag is beautiful. Enjoy
  11. No secret really.. my hubby told me he just approached one SA and asked nicely.. he asked for Lindy and Picotin, SA said they dont have any.. when hubby asked for a Birkin, SA said they have red, yellow and classic colors.. my hubby picked the yellow one since i already have a red birkin and he knows i love pop colors.. SA asked if he would like to see the bag.. hubby said yes.. SA asked hubby to follow him to another room in the back.. SA showed the Moutard B to my hubby.. Hubby said "My wife will be very very happy"... SA said "I bet" :biggrin::biggrin:

    so that morning my hubby came back to the hotel only with the Moutard B... nothing else..

    I think its luck.. My hubby was just so very lucky,.
  12. Beautiful bags keekee, huge congrats, nice the sb.
  13. Omg!! I'm in love with your birkins! I'm planning on getting that horseshoe too ^___^
  14. Two beautiful Birkins, huge congrats Keekeee!! And what a super sweet DH you have. :smile:
  15. Your bags are beautiful! Congratulations:smile: Both bags are so different (and so lovely)!

    Your husband sounds like a very nice man:smile:

    Enjoy the bags, what a great memory of a family vacation:smile: