Back from paris - reveal !!! :D

  1. Beautiful purchases! I love the CJ!!! My brother is going to London end of this month will definitely ask him to help me buy some Chanels!!! Can't wait :p
  2. This pair is new season item ! I juz love it ! I huv to say tat i feel so chanel when put it on ! Lol ! 300 pounds but really worth the price !
    image-12159859.jpg image-1089339589.jpg image-2428586503.jpg
  3. Hi ... Sorry for late reply ... The price are : 630 euro 545 euro n the one wiv flower pattern is 540 euro :smile: hope these help !
    image-395773192.jpg image-2058917705.jpg image-121603215.jpg
  4. Hi ~ here are the product code for the broche : A26957 Y02013 Z2354 ;)
  5. Final box !!!!!!!!! Sorry for all the wait ! Here we go ~ classic coco bag caviar wiv GHW ~ 3450 euro :heart: thanks for all thr replies n viewing ... If there has any problem or question can leave me msg n i try to help if i can .
    I kn might b a jumbo is little bored to most of u but its reli a nice bag ! I love it !!!
    image-2908015184.jpg image-1084902034.jpg image-3531951608.jpg image-2202632782.jpg image-1468775184.jpg
  6. Little family ~ wiv my current lambskin m/l wiv SHW... Thx everybody ~ nite for now :smile:
    image-2406257666.jpg image-1124194954.jpg
  7. Love all your new pieces!!!! Congratulations and enjoy!
  8. Congratulations:smile:
  9. Wauw..... Really love youre chanels
    But I really felt for you jewelry
    After work I will def go to chanel store to see what they've got for me ;):biggrin::biggrin:
  10. Great haul, loved everything.. Congrats!!!
  11. love the necklace
  12. Wow your purchases are gorgeous! Sorry i saw this thread pretty late.. This is one of the best reveals i've seen on tpf no doubt. ;)
    May i know if u got a tax claim on your jumbo, kiooooki? Is 3450euro the amount you paid before the tax refund.? I have a gst but jumbo is calling me :p. TIA!!
  13. Nice collection! Huge congrats!
  14. omg. this is a heart attack. I'm so jealous. congrats on all the purchases!
  15. Congrats