Back from Paris - my report!

  1. Ok, so I just spent last week in Paris - it was amazing! I would have loved to see the Jills but my boyfriend (now fiance!!!) would have missed me!

    As for my fashion report I saw only a few logo'd bags - a handful of LV and maybe 1 Gucci. Parisian women seem to prefer to carry pratical bags, larger leather bags, slouchy, worn on the shoulder, sometimes in dark browns or rusts. They would also freely mix brown and black accessories & clothes, like brown boots with a black outfit. I saw lots of skinny (but not super tight) jeans tucked into flat/low heeled boots. I saw some Hermes bags in Hermes, but strangely enough nowhere else?! I also saw a few G. Darel bags. I did see two YSL Mombosso bags and they looked fabulous! Oh and one or two Chanels.

    I also saw some cute scarfs but since it was getting cooler I didn't see too many. The women would also wear head to toe chocolate brown, one lady in Hermes looked amazing, all chocolate brown, a cashmere wrap and a lovely Prada tote. Another fabulous Parisian had a dark outfit with turquoise tights and a Vivienne Westwood plaid bag - it was too cute!

    I bought some fun costume jewelry from Chanel and a Parisian designer and some gifts for others from Hermes but strangely enough not a single bag. I was probably too tired from museums and dining - and Hermes was out of a cuff bracelet that I really wanted. Also it seemed a bit in between seasons - for instance Lanvin was practically sold out of their ballet flats - none in black or patent leather.

    Of course now I'll probably die when I see what the Jills purchased!!

    Gucci had an interesting new line that I haven't seen over here with cute little red mushrooms embroidered on the beige gg print and a cute red mushroom charm on it. If it was black I would have bought it in a second.

    LV had a line so we didn't go in. But it was a huge store!
  2. Welcome back, sounds like you had a good time. Congrats!
  3. Sounds like a good time. But you missed LV? The line would be worth the wait! The inside of that store is amazing! :yes:
  4. Sounds like you had a great time! Enjoy everything you bought.
  5. Sounds like you had fun! I would love to go to Paris some day.
  6. "but my boyfriend (now fiance!!!) would have missed me"

    Congrats on the proposal... how abt more details?!! :smile:
  7. Enjoyed reading your report, thanks.
  8. How fun! Please post pics when you get a chance!
  9. Thanks for sharing ! sounds like you had a wonderful time.
  10. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip ^_^
  11. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Where did you stay? Any recommendations for not-to-be-missed places in Paris???

  12. I know, seriously... obviously I love purse talk, but the proposal details were what I was waiting for in that post! Congratulations on your engagement!!! Glad your trip was so great!
  13. Hehe, he proposed on a bridge by the Louvre at night, you could see Notre Dame lit up and the Eiffel tower on the other side. He also got down on one knee and everything. I love bridges, so it was really cute. He didn't have a ring so he didn't know if it was ok to propose, but I said who cares about the ring (OMG I must be in love!). Anyways he did try ring shopping at Tiffany's which I thought was really sweet. I guess we'll go pick out one together but I don't even know what I want?!? I've been smiling since!

    In my opinion not to be missed: Rodin museum (lovely sculpture garden), O'rsay (unbelieveable selection of impressionist and post-impressionist art), Parisian chocolates and pastries, Hermes (amazing!), hehe the shops around Hermes, the Louvre, Notre Dame and the tour of the towers where you can see the gargoyles up close, and of course the food! We had some amazing dinners. One seafood restaurant had colored Lalique fishes in a glass case along with authentic art nouveau furniture in the bathroom! And of course people watching from a cafe.

    Skip Versailles, undergoing renovation, major let down. Some people like Galleries Layfayette but I thought it was too crowded. I've heard Bon Marche is better but I didn't get there.

    I liked shopping in the Marais but only did a little bit.

    I stayed in the Westin which is walking distance to the Louvre. It was great location.
  14. Oh and anyone who wants more recommendations should feel free to PM me. :smile:
  15. Oh-that sounds like the most wonderful proposal! Congrats to you both!

    (Now, go off ring shopping! ;) )