back from Paris FSH

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  1. Dear friends

    I am happy to report that I had a wonderful time at FSH. The inventory during the past week was posted by my friend Japster (thank you E)on the inventory thread.

    Here is the last inventory update before I left Paris.

    Sat- 4x 35 birkins in black
    swift w/gold
    evergrain w/gold
    swift w/ph
    clemence w/gold

    35 bj
    35 red

    This shipment came in after the store closed on Fri and my SA was so nice to hold 2 of them for me to see since she knew I was interested in a black birkin. Unfortunately they didn't have my preferred leather but she had put in a special order for me. I will get the confirmation of my so later since I am requesting a special color combo. The color combo will be reveal when my bag arrives from Paris.:yes:

    I can't leave FSH empty handed so I picked up a few scarfs and a twilly to remember my trip by.
  2. ^^ WOW! I am going to Paris in April and SURE hope they have that kind of inventory!!! Thanks for the update, and I hope that your special order comes soon!!
  3. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!! :yahoo: you have alot of catching up to do!!! How was your trip?
  4. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see your SO!!!
    Hope you had a good time in Paris!
  5. cxyvr, what a great thing to do to bring some orange boxes home from this trip! May you receive your SO soon.
  6. Yay!!! So are you in V or in town? I'm so glad to hear you placed a SO!!
    Did you have a great trip? Did you and TammyD meet up?
  7. I missed you in Paris. I hope you are having a good time on your trip
  8. I am home right now. I am off to v in 10 days.

    I didn't get to meet TammyD b/c she went on a last min trip.

    I hope it's not going to snow too much tonight I am hoping to see you b/c I have something for you.:yes:
  9. Thank you
    It will take me a few days to catch up on all the new posts.:yes:

    the trip was wonderful. I have been to Paris many times before but this is the first time with my dh since we just got married this year.

    We ate lots and shop lots.
  10. Yep I hear we are getting a snowstorm tonight. :yucky: It would be fab to get together this week, if you want to do lunch. I'm finally over the Bubonic plague, I think. LOL.
  11. Sounds so romantic!!!! OMG! Can't wait to go myself!
  12. Birkin bonanza!!! That's wonderful that they let you place an order!
  13. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about your beauty when it arrives.
  14. ^^^WELCOME BACK!!! Can't wait to see all your goodies!!

    Congratulations on the SPECIAL ORDER!! and Thanks for updating the inventory there!!:heart: :yahoo:
  15. That BJ birkin!!

    Hope you get your SO soon! Thanks for letting us know about the inventory.