Back from Paris empty handed. = (

  1. Greetings all! I just got back from Gay Paree! Had a lovely time, but sadly did not come home with any Bal goodies. I was really really hoping that Bal Paris would have the blues out, but they did not and though I tried to pry a bit, they didn't budge. They (as well as Printemps) had the two pinks, vert thyme and sahara and said the pre-collection blues would be another week or so. :crybaby: I almost fell for a juane city, but decided that I want electric blue too badly so am going to patiently wait for it! Just as well, then I can use Xmas money!!!! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!
  2. so sorry to hear that. you think that going to balparis would provide some insight or have somethings a bit earlier. but alas, no. hopefully the states will have them soon. ;)
  3. better to be empty handed than broke with a bag you don't love! more $$ for next time!
  4. You'll love EB, good on you for choosing to wait!
  5. Ahhh that is somewhat promising news...that the blues may be out in the US in another couple weeks!!!!
  6. Good for you! It's way better to wait and get something you love!

    I wish you well,

  7. if your in london try harrods. the s.a told my mum that they had sold out of the ss 08 colour already (last wednesday i think) but where getting more in this week. was a bit odd to me as i would have thought bal ny or someone would get them first but he was insistant that they had had them that moring and sold out.
  8. I hope you had fun in Paris despite the lack of bbag :smile:
  9. Better to wait and get what you want.
  10. Truer words were never spoken.