Back from Paris and got 3 Louboutins!

  1. Hi guys! Just got back from my 3-day birthday trip to Paris and got myself 3 pairs of Christian Louboutins! I wore the red pumps walking around Paris the whole afternoon and they are super comfortable. :yes:

    I love Louboutins! I also have some pics of Paris for you to enjoy. I was wearing the red pumps at the picture of Arc de Triomphe.

    3Louboutins.jpg Arc_de_Triomphe.jpg Eiffel_Tower_day.jpg Eiffel_Tower_night.jpg

    For the full Paris story, check:

  2. Beautiful shoes! Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip thank you for sharing your pics:flowers:
  3. Thanks toonie! I had a blast and the shoes are great! It's always a bit difficult to find my size ... 35 or 34.5 ... so I'm glad Louboutins carry a lot of them.
  4. OMG you're so lucky!! Congrats :smile: I heard Louboutins are much cheaper in Paris than in the US (probably discounting for all those import/customs fees). Did you find that to be the case this time? The CL boutique is going to be top on my list of must-visit shops if I go to Paris some day.
  5. They're gorgeous, especially the wedges !

    Did you see the final Effiel Tower lightshow ? The one at 2 am is the best one, and the last one, since they turn off all the orange lights and you only see the sparkling ones.
  6. I SO WANT THOSE RED SHOES! sniff! Happy Birthday! and congrats..great shoes!
  7. I love those burgundy colored louboutins!
  8. Great shoes! Happy Birthday!
  9. It looks like you had a great birthday!
    Love your new Louboutins and such amazing pics.
  10. Thanks everyone.

    foxycleopatra - I think the price difference is mostly from the customs/VAT. For example, the espadrilles cost 230 € and I saw it at NM's site for 275 USD. So, it's about the same (even more expensive in France now due to the high Euro). However, if you get the VAT refund (about 12%) then it would be a tiny bit cheaper, but not much.

    ayla - Yes, they also had the sparkling lights because on Saturday, France won the football match against Brazil and they had the sparkling lights show.

    Jill and Elongreach - The red/burgundy pumps are already from the autumn collection. The heels are made of wood and not stilettos that's why they are so comfortable (similar to Miss Tick, but higher ... about 3 1/2" - 4"). I love the stitch detailing of the shoes and that they are patent leather.
  11. The red ones are so cute!
  12. Those are SOOO cute! And even though I can't see your face, I can tell you're quite pretty!
  13. Pretty shoes, those wedges are super cute! And happy birthday, a trip to Paris must be the perfect birthday present...
  14. Thanks abandonedimages, mello_yello_jen, and vicky.

    If anyone is going to Paris, I recommend reserving a table at La Tour d' Argent. The food was excellent, but you have to book at least one month in advance. The restaurant opened in 1582 and is in itself a Paris institution.
  15. Beautiful shoes,happy Birthday!!

    What a special time to have been there,with France beating Brazil. I'm counting on them to take out Portugal tonight!!

    LOL the pic of you and your hubby made me laugh,because I'm also short and dark and my fiance is tall and blonde and he also always looks as if he's gripping me like that in pictures:lol: .