Back from Paris, 2 Bags but.. did price increased?


love watches
Mar 20, 2007
I'm back from Paris. LIke to thank everyone that has helped me with my enquires on Chanel Bags and sa. Thanks so much

I went around in "squares" not circles to look for Chanel boutique at Ave Montaige (not sure of spelling). End up they dont have Jumbo and was told they have 1 in black in the morning but sold out. THey are left with the only red lambskin but smaller size. I think i saw 1790 Euro. This last piece has rather poor workmanship. the strap area has the leather coming out and when i take another look to see if i should get it... i saw blue patches on the top right corner of the bag. at least 1 quilt size.

I tried other boutiques and also Printemps etc and another big shopping mall just next to it, seperated by small lane of road. End up no stocks too and they said I can try the flagship.

So there I went to Flagship and boy, they have few cruise red on display in lambskin. They have the jumbo cruise red as well.

I bought my jumbo black caviar for 1870 euro and then i really feel like bringing the red lambskin back home too. So end up, i bought another one. its a smaller size but i am not sure whats the name of it as the sa said there is no name for it unlike 'jumbo'. price is 1890 euro. Anyone has any idea what its called from the price?


Nov 18, 2006
Wow! Sounds like you had a successful trip in the end, Laneige and you have 2 gorgeous bags to show for it. Congrats on your lovely purchases! It's my understanding that the lambskin classic flap for which you paid 1890 Euros is the Medium/Large (or USA Large) size. I've got one which I tend to use in the evenings since it's not quite as roomy as the Jumbo, which is great for everyday use.