Back from NYC, got something from LV (but having second thoughts)

  1. Hi y'all

    Im back from my NY trip

    It so totally awesome (details about the trip are later!)

    SO this is my story at LV

    I walk into the Flagship store on 57th street, and its kinda crowded, but I dont care a bit

    It takes a while, and I am slightly behind the counter where the Suhali is

    This SA reaches up to grab a Le Fabuleux, and then accidentaly drops it on my head :nuts: LOL! The brass corner kinda hurt...

    If you think about it, its funny, but of course I didnt at the time

    That is something Im gonna remember for a looong time :smile:

    The SA was really sorry, and I forgave him :smile: :roflmfao:

    We were in a BIG rush, so we asked him to pull out a couple items (cles, wapity, pochette, etc, etc.)

    Without further or do, here is my new LV: (Sorrry for the bad pics, I took them with my phone)
  2. Very nice congrats!
    I'm thinking of getting of getting one in MC.
    OMG hows your head now?
  3. ^ lol, its better.......I thought a bump was there, but maybe it went away!!
  4. Wapity looks great. Hope your heads okay.
  5. Trip details:

    Went to US Open.....AWESOME!

    Went to Yankees game yesterday......we had FAB seats (we were right on top of the dugout) My dads friend got them from his good friend, the owner of the brother caught two balls, one from Damon, another from someone on the yankees who I dont know
  6. Whats on my mind:

    I already have a mc wapity, and I just am not feelin the alot of love between me and mr mono wapity :sad:

    (there is ALOT of love, but not enough)

    I think I may return him and get the Framboise agenda instead

    What is your input???
  7. You have an extra souvenir from LV!! A bump on the head!!! LOL!! I'm assuming that you are ok!!!

    Congrats on your Wapity purchase!!!! Keep it!!! I have two (Mono and black MC) and I love them both!!! Use them as a wallet (cc, money, id, lip balm, cell phone) and clip my car key to the outside (with a carabiner) and then I use my Wapity when I go out to lunch instead of lugging my heavy LV with me.

    You could also put a small camera or iPod in the Wapity as well or use it as a small cosmetic bag. So many uses for such a little LV item!!!

  8. ^ lol, I truley do :smile: now only if they would send me that bag for a get well :smile:
  9. sounds like you had a great time in NYC
    congrats on your new wapity & glad to hear that your head is ok (ouch)
  10. The wapity is cute.. but get the agenda if you're gonna love/use it more. :yes:
  11. if your not loving it now you prob won't in the future return it and get something you really adore
  12. i like the color (framboise), and was thinking of using it as a wallet....i just dont know
  13. Sounds like you had a lot of fun in New York! Too bad about the thump on the head while you were at LV. I'm glad to hear you're okay, though. Your brother was sooo lucky to have caught two balls. He must've been excited!

    As for cute Mr. Wapity --- he does have lots of uses as Peace43 said. But if you think you'll be using an agenda more, perhaps it's best to exchange the wapity for the agenda. Otherwise, I say keep it! You're making me want a wapity now! LOL
  14. I never thought I would duplicate a style in my collection, but I did with the Roxbury Drive and the Alma because I am so in love with those bags. I would say if the love isn't HOT between you and the Wapity, the Wapity needs to be exchanged for the agenda.

  15. my brother was VERY VERY excited.........when we were in our limo, he was literally bouncing off the walls :smile: LOL :roflmfao: