Back from my wedding in Nassau, used my monogram Carryall & got asked (ro)

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  1. the *question*, is it fake?

    I was flying back from Nassau. When we were waiting to get off the plane, a guy noticed my Carryall & commented "nice bag".

    Then he poked his wife & said "did you see what a nice bag she has?". That's when I noticed the :graucho: (wink wink) he gave his wife. His wife then asked if I bought it at the Straw Market in Nassau (a.k.a. knock off central). I just replied "no, I bought it at a LV boutique before I left for Nassau. It was a wedding present for myself."

    The couple then explained how they saw all the fakes at the Straw Market and just assumed mine was fake. And the husband said he had never even heard of Louis Vuitton until this trip, much less seen a real one. I just smiled and said "well now you have." and walked off the plane.

    I was surprised that it only really bothered me a little that they thought my bag was fake. But if they've only seen the fakes, what do I expect (shrugs). At least they weren't too rude about it.

    But most importantly, I LOVE my Carryall. It's just the perfect size for a carryon. It's roomy enough to throw in a lot of stuff (easily 3 days worth of clothes), but not so big that you need a shoulder strap when fully packed. I know I will be getting a lot of use out of it for weekend trips during the holidays. (hugs Carryall):P
  2. glad you didn't get offended....that was a great response and way to handle the ever awkward situation!!! kudos to you! cheers!
  3. Great respones...wb...and congrats!
  4. you handled the situation well! the main thing is that you love your bag, that's all that matters.
  5. Congrats on your wedding voodoodoll2005!! You gave me some tips on how to handle this kind of situation. Thanks.
  6. Yikes! There wasn't any need for that comment.. If that happened to me, I can't imagine handling that as well as you did. You deserve a pat on the back :smile:
  7. i think that is just proof that men are idiots if nothing else....also i think some people don't think real people are able to financially own LV.
  8. I think most people see LV mono now and think it's fake.'s sad :sad: But, there's just so many fakes out there now at every street corner that LV is losing its elusivity.

    That's mostly why I prefer the more subtle LV lines the ones that are less counterfeited to prevent people from thinking I'm carrying a fakie.

    Sorry you had to go through that though :sad:
  9. Best Wishes to you and Congrats to your DH!
  10. Congrats on the wedding!!!!

    Sorry that guy was an idiot! :sad:
  11. Great response! I'm sure they didn't mean to be rude. I can see my husband doing something like that. The boy just won't learn. . .

    Congrats on your wedding!!
  12. Some poeple can be really descreet! Unbelievable! I'm glad you took it well. I would say to him.."That's sad.... What's wrong with the ones at the LV store?" or "Hmmm... I was sure I got it at the LV store. I must be dreaming...."

    I've got a Mono Carryall and till now have not had the courage to take it out. I'm not a Mono girl. I love descreet stuff. Is yours a Mono as well?
  13. Best Wishes! Great response. There's no point in getting offended if you know what you have imo.
  14. oooh, boys will be boys. you handled the situation well...congratulations!!
  15. Yes, mine is Mono as well. I first fell in love w/ the Tobago Carryall, but the Mono was much more in my price range :P. You should use yours!! It really is a great & versatile bag.