Back From My Trip To LV Century City

  1. i was at the lv in century city, ca earlier today to re-purchase the taiga viktor messenger bag for my bf. they had a few items in stock that i thought might be of interest to fellow tpfers:

    - silver miroir pochette
    - monogram stephen
    - black rivet bag
    - gold santa barbara sandals (the ones that michelle1025 wanted; they also had them in all of the other colors)
    - heart coin purses in all colors (all of the ones there have been spoken for, but they're getting another shipment soon; i :heart: the mc heart!)
    - mini pleaty raye customise

    also, i was told that most of their waiting lists for the spring season handbags aren't very long. call and ask for ryan or melissa if you're interested in anything. they're the best!
  2. Thanks for the info. I wonder if Michelle bought her gold sandals yet?
  3. I was there on Thursday and saw the Miroir Pochette in the window in the shoe area. Saw the heart coin purses as well that my SA showed me. They were really cute! Loved also the Valentine key charms!! I like the red one! My DH saw them and liked the white one, but I kept saying that I liked the red!! (Maybe he'll get the hint!!!)
  4. Cool! Thanks for sharing! ;)