Back from my trip to BalNY, Ready?

  1. Hi Ladies
    As most of you know i went to NY this weekend. I had a wonderful time. Every thing was perfect and just right. My first stop of course Balenciaga. I got to meet the crew and specially Kim (such a sweetheart). She is so pretty, nice and patient.:yahoo: Here is what they had available and what i was interested to see:

    City: Black, White, Ox Blood, Forest Green, Emerald Green, Anthracite, Periwinkle, Aqua, Sandstone, one Natural, Origan, Vermillion, and Marine.
    Twiggy: Sandstone, Natural, Anthracite, FB.

    Day: Sandstone (awsome leather), Periwinkle (gorgeous, not veiny at all).

    Giant Marine Day and City, VG, White, Aqua, bunch of whislte bags, new wallets, Sandstone mid afternoon and brief, VG Work and City. VG Canvus City.

    I never got to see the accessaries because i was not interested. If any one is looking for the Sandstone and Periwinkle Day the ones that i saw it was absolutely gorgeous. PM me and i can help you getting it. If i missed any thing and remember it later on i will let you know again.:heart:
    Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. YEAH! I'm glad you had a GREAT birthday trip! COME ON...tell us what you got!!!!!!!!:graucho:
  3. Yes, tell us!!!!

    Oh my, a Sandstone Brief? I might have to call them for that. :sweatdrop:
  4. MRG girl - Be patient. :rolleyes:I will have it tomorrow to take pics for you all.:yahoo:
  5. incoral - If you really want it you should call them and ask for the one out on the floor.:yes: The leather was yummy with hint of pink in it. Very smooth and nice. :graucho:
  6. Thanks for the report of what they had available!!

    Can't wait to see what you brought back with you!! :smile:
  7. Thanks alot! :yes:

    You didn't see any Truffle Twiggy's? I spoke with Liz yesterday and she said they had some. I wonder if she misunderstood me & I'll be recieving something else LOL :shrugs:

    Oh & how was the leather on the sandstone twiggy's? :p
  8. I'm glad you had fun!! Now :graucho: show us what you got. :p
    They didn't have any Parttimes? :confused1:
  9. Verty - They keep most of the bags in the back and you have to keep asking them to bring them out (which i think it makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable). I only asked her for the ones that i was interested to see. The leather on the Sanstone Twiggy was absolutely :drool::drool::drool:. I think Sandstone is very pretty specially the ones that have little bit of pink in them. The leather is very soft and smooshy and it will age nicely.:yes:
  10. Thanks Powder, I had blast.:yahoo: I could really move there and live in Bal. :pThey only had Truffle Part time at the moment. I promise when my bag arrives tomorrow i will post another thread with pics. I wanted to avoid paying NY tax so i asked Kim to ship it to me. It is out on its way to me and it will be here tomorrow.:sweatdrop:
  11. Nanaz, none of us have patients!:roflmfao: You're KILLING us here! I can not wait to see what you got! Is it big or small? I'm the worst:p ...I know!
  12. Lol! I keep coming back to this thread hoping that she'd reveal what she had gotten at Bal NY.
  13. Me too!!! :nuts:
  14. Glad you enjoed NY, esp. BALNY!!! How about works?! please please tell me you saw sandstone!
  15. I can't wait to see what you got! Did you happen to see any Aqua bags, both GH and RH? Oh, you're keeping us all in suspense...........:nuts: