Back from my AC mini spree

  1. well i went AC and my hotel was right accross from the LV and gucci and BV. well i only bought gucci and LV

    THeres a rant in another post!

    heres some teasers! i promise i wont be long

    two things i WILL tell you i did 1) i returned the amarante for another wallet 2) I GOT MY GRANDMOTHER HER FIRST LV, AN AZUR SPEEDY 30!!!!! let me tell you all my relationship with my grandmother. She has been more like my mother and she was supported me morally, parently(word?), and financially. Being a gucci and hermes woman i decided to get her addicted to LV. She is the most wonderful person in my life. [​IMG]
  2. More pics? Sounds like a wonderful grandmother!
  3. Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman. Glad she has been a positive influence in your life.
  4. okay, im ready. lol. i got the conspiration Gm polarized sunnies, keepall 50 azur, and a utah purse( no pics yet) oh and a gucci beach bag on sale. for only like 200

  5. Nice...very nice buys. Grandmoms are the best! I miss mine.
  6. Love the loot, congrats! : )
  7. Congrats- I am still debating on that tote. It is between that and a pair of shoes
  8. hehe cute!! i just ordered my gucci tote too ;) i think itll be the perfect book bag ;)

  9. How did you like the AC boutique? It's a strange one, i think because they get shady people walking in drunk from the casinos. Also the sa's are pretty new to LV and dont know much. I love your stuff and that is awesome about your grandmother, so glad you treasure her.
  10. awesome haul!! congrats!!
  11. COngrats!
  12. very nice, congrats.
  13. Nice purchases! That is so awesome that you got your grandmother a bag. It matches your keepall - you can be Azur buddies!
  14. Congrats! I love the Azur Keepall.:heart:
  15. Congrats!