Back from Maui with a few LV treasures and something sparkly blue

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  1. We loved, loved, loved Maui and are planning on returning next year. Of course one of the 1st stops on my itinerary was the LV at Whaler's Village in Ka'anapali. I knew for sure I was going to buy the Hawaii stamp luggage tag, but was unsure of which bag. I narrowed it down to the Ivorie Madeliene GM, the Min Lin Speedy, and the Palermo PM. We hopped on over to the Big Island for the weekend while Eiko got my luggage tags together. When I returned to Maui on Monday to get my luggage tags I was pretty sure that I wanted the Ivorie Madeliene but while I was still debating, I was side tracked at the jewelry store. I fell in love with the color of the blue diamond ring and just had to have it instead of another purse. So I got the 2 luggage tags and settled on the super cute MC ZCP with the hot pink interior. Later that day I found matching blue diamond earrings in Lahaina, OOPPPSS!:yahoo:Well my husband and I both thought I just had to have them and even the sales associate was like Oh my Gah, they match perfectly :biggrin:. I love all my souveniers! BTW, the Damier Neverfull was a lifesaver. I had it on the sand, in the drizzling rain at Volcano, and in the blistering sun. She also got thrown under the seat in the airplane and never once did I worry about Vache leather. Why did I wait so long to get a damier bag?:noggin:
    New tag on my Damier Neverfull MM

  2. I love your LV items. I have the exact same earrings in platinum settings, but mines are Blue Topaz.

  3. lovely treasures!!!
  4. What wonderful finds! The jewelry is exquisite! I LVoe to hear when people leave Hawaii, that they had a wonderful time here. I 've lived here all my life, and although cost of living here is on the high side, it's so very worth it! :biggrin:
  5. very nice choices!
  6. Omgosh! Your jewellery is soooo gorgeous! Stunning, any modeling pics? And I love how your tag is stamped Hawaii!
  7. very sparkly indeed! Congrats. I see you bought a tag for you neverfull. i also bought one! It makes the NF something more of you doesn't it? :smile:
    Enjoy your treasures!
  8. Congrats on all of your purchases!!! Don't you just love the bright pink interior of the black MC? I have the cles in that color combo and I just love opening it up!
  9. Love it all Congrats!
  10. congrats, your jewellery is tdf!
  11. I love your new jewellery! Congratulations on your purchases and enjoy :smile:
  12. congrats on everything!
  13. Love everything! Congrats!!
  14. AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!
  15. Oh wow, I didn't know blue diamonds really existed (I thought they were just man-made or something)! When I go to Hawaii, I need to get a blue diamond AND an LV Hawaiian Luggage Tag! Glad to hear you had a great trip - model the jewelry for us, pleeeease :smile: