Back from Manhattan with my new loves!

  1. I had a fabulous time in Manhattan, and thank God I thought to bring extra luggage, because even the things I bought weren't many, they took up a lot of room. I arrived at some time past noon today, but I was too lazy to do anything except lie in bed for a while.

    I went to the Fifth Ave store on Wednesday to look at all the items I had on hold with me, and I was itching for Thursday to come so that I could get them. Besides what I've gotten, I was also very tempted to buy the Monogram Mini Lin Saumur, which is one of the most versatile messenger bags I've ever seen, and the Suhali L'Ingénieux PM in black, but I was afraid I wouldn't have enough room for them in my suitcase -- which I really didn't -- and I was already buying way too much, so I decided to let them go for now. So here's what I've come home with!

    Transparent Inclusion Bracelet GM


    I saw this in the store and fell in love with it, but I wasn't sure if I should get it simply because I already have the PM, but after looking and looking at it I couldn't resist it! It's so beautiful up close, because it's completely transparent, and it looks great paired with the PM.

    Pomme d'Amour Inclusion Bracelet, Ring, Keychain


    I had been on the waislist for them, but the first time I saw them in the store, I thought the red would be too close to the berry Inclusion pieces. I was wearing my transparent and Berry Inclusion bracelets that day, and the SAs cooed over them and said that the Berry wasn't all that close to the red. And after I tried on the red bracelet with my clear and Berry ones, I fell in love with it. So naturally I had to get the ring and keychain, because I have all three items in the other colors, and being greedy, I wanted the whole set. It's such a gorgeous color, and it really stands out when worn with black or white clothes.

    Vernis Pomme d'Amour Coeur (WARNING: pictures do not do justice!)


    I was also on the waitlist for the Perle and Multicolore Coeurs, but after agonizing over all three for a long time, I decided to get just the Pomme d'Amour, because having the Perle Coeur would be redundant, and even though the Multicolore Coeur is adorable, it's just not as stunning without the charms, and it looks a little plain.

    The funniest thing was that yesterday my boyfriend went to Toronto with some friends, and he had to text me because I was in rehearsal at Radio City Music Hall, and his text message read: "I saw someone with your heart purse!" And when he called me last night he said that he'd been at Pacific Mall, and he saw 'a young woman walk by with the heart purse and a huge gold LV', and I knew he was talking about either the gold Mirroir Speedy or Alma.

    Monogram Mini Lin Ebene Ballerina Flats


    My very first pair of Louis Vuitton shoes! I wasn't even planning on buying them, because I'd just bought another pair of Fendi flats right before that, but when I was waiting for the SA to bring out the items I had on hold, I spotted these flats and I found them adorable! I love that the monogram isn't as glaring, and that they're so comfortable.

    Monogram Denim Cruise Mini Pleaty Rayé Customisé




    Long name, ain't it? I was never a fan of the regular Monogram Denim Mini Pleaty, because I thought it looked too plain, but then I saw this in the Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, store, and it was love at first sight. But then I was on luggage constraint and I couldn't buy it then, so I immediately called the Manhattan Fifth Ave store to see if they had one. And sure enough, they had two left, so I put down my credit card information for one. It's one of the most beautiful bags ever, and I love that the charms can be detached and used as keychains. This is one bag I'll definitely be babying to death!

    I also bought my boyfriend the Taiga Ardoise Portefeuille Florin, but he's out right now and already using it, so when he comes home I'll take pictures of it and post them up. Also, visuals of the new bag and Inclusion pieces will be up very soon. In the meantime, enjoy!
  2. wow! what a haul. you always have great shopping trips. congratulations on the lovely pieces.
  3. I LOVE that bag! its so HOT!
  4. WOW!!! I love the pleaty!! :drool: :wtf:
  5. Great purchases Sandra!! I love those shoes! :biggrin:
  6. Congratulations.
  7. How much was the retail on the mono denim pleaty, if you don't mind posting?
  8. Congrats, Sandra!
    Love everything! :love:
  9. always have great all your new goodies..model them please..congrats!!
  10. I love your stuff Sandra!!! Great buys as usual!
  11. Everything is beautiful Sandra....those shoes are TO DIE FOR!!!! Congrats sweetie.
  12. What a haul!
  13. WOW! what a haul! congrats! you just purchased every one of my lv dreaam items!
  14. ITA!!! everything you got is gREAT!!!
  15. thanks everyone :love:!

    and visuals are up :supacool:!

    the Pleaty is $2590+tax