Back from LV

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  1. Las Vegas that is :P Sorry but couldn't resist

    First of all: No Jackpot, no new Louis :crybaby: and (in case anybody has been wondering) no wedding for me (somehow that's the first question everyone asks since me and my SO have been back), BUT WE HAD A GREAT TIME :graucho:

    Vegas was really awesome. We had so much fun. Our trip to the Grand Canyon was simply breathtaking. I cried because I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. :shame:

    btw: sorry for keeping quiet for so long, but my SO ordered a new PC that was supposed to arrived (and be set up by his bro) while we were in Vegas. Of course it didn't and it took 'til yesterday to sort everything out and get back online again. It was hell :hysteric: But now everything is working fine and I'll a full member of the Forum again. I have to admit that I was l lurking around with my Sidekick, but I HATE writing on that.

    Well, sorry for this long and rather meaningless post. Actually I just wanted to say:

    Glad to be back and I missed ya!
  2. Sounded like you had fun! Thanks for sharing, and welcome back!
  3. welcome back.....hope that you had fun
  4. what's SO?
  5. Welcome back!
  6. Welcome Back Kitty:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  7. Welcome back!!!
  8. better: who's SO? :P

    Martin :love: = my Special Other
  9. Welcome Back
  10. Oh, it would drive me crazy being without the computer ( so I can work of course, not so I can sit on here all day!!:graucho: )
    Welcome back!
  11. Yay!!! Kittie, my other PIC is back!!!!

    [PIC= Partner In Crime :sneaky:]
  12. welcome back, its good to know you returned safe and happy! Sounds like you had an awesome time, I loved Vegas when I went, and the Grand Canyon was amazing. It was really cold when I went!! Though, my family has extremely bad memories of the Grand Canyon (taking a trail ride and one of the horses got frightened and scared the other horses, and they bucked us all of.. 3/5 of us were in the hospital, it was baaad!)
    So did you do a trail ride haha?
  13. Sorry to hear what happenend to your family. Hope everyone's ok again.

    No trail ride for me :s To be honest, I can't stand horses (Sorry!). Don't ask me why, but I never had any love for them :shrugs:
  14. welcome back! Vegas is so cool!
  15. Welcome back! :balloon: Glad you had fun!