Back from LV Valentines Event in Auckland, NZ

  1. Just got back from the LV Valentines event in Auckland.

    It was great, lots of people there and everyone was so friendly! They even had the heatstamping machine out so they could heatstamp on the spot (I wanted to see it in action so bought a small luggage tag which I'm going to use as a keyring).

    Also bought a Compagnon and the LV Icons book (which was so much cheaper than what I thought it would be, about US$20).

    Everything was wrapped and put into boxes (even the luggage tag) for when I collect it next week at the airport (duty free).

    Had a great time :yahoo:
  2. Wow, sounds like you had a fantastic time! I missed ours in Melbourne but going to the Crown event. The heatstamping sounds sooo cool.
  3. Sounds great! I wish there was a heat-stamping around here!
  4. Glad you had a great time.