back from LV store with....

  1. on the way to LV store i was so sure that i was gonna buy speedy 30. but i tried it on and it looked a bit saggy so i chose ribera MM instead.

    i like the way it holds its shape so it's so roomy

    i love it :heart:
  2. Congrats on you Ribera :yahoo: any pictures of your new beauty to share?????
    sorry you didn't like the speedy 30 in all it's saggyness. I have the mono 30 & I like the sag but that's whats so wonderful about LV so many great choices for everyone. Enjoy your new baby!!
  3. 20080215_122658.jpg
  4. ^^^great choice!!! she's gorgeous!!!
  5. congrats and bet u wil love it more each day:tup::heart:
  6. wow, pretty! Congrats!
  7. Congrats! I saw a lady with it yesterday, very cute!
  8. thanks guys :p

    here's a pic of me and my ribera mm

    ribera 1.jpg
  9. Gorgeous, congrats, the bag looks FAAAAAAB on you pinkmelon!
  10. Great choice!!! Congrats! :smile: I didn't like the sag of Speedy either so I bought bases for both of them :smile:
  11. Oh, I love it!!! Congrats!
  12. Congrats! I've always loved the ribera!
  13. Great choice ! It's really pretty ,Congrats!
  14. Sooo pretty...Congrats!
  15. ooooo Congrats!!!