Back from LV! Inclusion along w/ a Special New Friend!!! Come see <3

  1. Hello! I am back from LV! (well, have been home for a lil taking pics and all....hehe). Tonight was the utmost in best nights. My LV was remodeled and moved into the new space today and it looks incredible. So...Andrew and I were off to get my Grey Inclusion Bracelet PM. We go and I got it and it's amazing in person, the grey part is super shimmery. The best inclusion piece by far. Still waiting on my GM however, but it should arrive soon. Well, I was looking around and had a notion to possibly get a bag tonight as well....WELL, something magically jumped into my bag and snuck home with me. Sneaky lil' thing. Anyways, me and grey inclusion fell in love with our stow-away little friend, so we had to keep him. :yes: (besides, he had such a gleeful smiling look on his face)

    Here they are, Enjoy!!! (sorry 'bout the icky flash)



    Yahoo! (not the website) :p


    Yup, the Monogram Tivoli GM inserted himself into our happy clan and we couldn't be more proud. Awww...

    Thanks for looking, hope everyone's having a nice night!

    XOXO :heart:
  2. Congrats!! He's handsome! lol :smile:
  3. The Tivoli is really a gorgeous bag... I may have to get one VERY soon lol. :smile:

    CONGRATS on the new purchases :smile:
  4. Congrats!!! I love the grey inclusion!! It is beautiful...the best so far! Love the bag, too!!
  5. so beautiful!! I love them both...I'm sure you will enjoy, congrats!
  6. congrats! I love this bag! It's perfect!
  7. Congrats, you're so lucky to have gotten that bracelet!
  8. The inclusion and Tivoli is Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  9. i love love LOVE both of your purchases... congrats!
  10. Congrats on the new stuff! I was just thinking of you and wondering what you had been up to!
  11. Thanks everyone :heart:33!!!

    I know!!!!! I was scared it would be sold out or what not, even though I did waitlist. I get paranoid that way, lol. I can't stop staring at it in shimmery magic swirls a-brewin'. hehe. :heart:
  12. Aww..thanks and yer so sweet!! I've been around, not on tPF soso much recently but as you can see I've been back the past few days in full force...and buying in full force too...ahhh now i feel at home again =p

    How are you doing? well I hope - missed you!! xoxoxoxo :heart:
  13. Wow! LOVE your purchases! Both of them! :drool: The inclusion is TDF and I'm sooo wanting the Tivoli! Congrats!! :tup:
  14. ~Ooohh Tivoli...Aahhhh:drool: BTW, I like your little story leading up to the pics. Yep! very entertaining.Thanks and CONGRATS~
  15. your purchases are gorgeous...i cant wait till xmas comes :p