Back from LV in Vienna and Verona-correct pics!!

  1. Hello!! (Long post...)

    I just came back from ski trip to Italy. I finally bought Damier Geant Loup in Vienna. I LoVe it and it holds a ton (LV boook too!!!).

    Vienna store is wonderfull, saw new Becquia bags (love them) and ss mens RTW. Thay showed me LOOKBOOK and I remember:

    -azur badmington (how to write it?) set:confused1:

    -alligator LOCKIT in turquise-TDF:drool:

    -MC premium bags(ugly), some new small leather goods in damier and that new damier azur tote.

    In Italy we went to Verona where I bought fortune keychain, LV staff in that store can't speek english (cartier too!!!). They didn't know what 'keyring','bandeau' and 'pin' is!!!!!! But they gave me free Le Catalogue.

    In next post I'll show You:
    -me in Verona in front of LV
    -me touching Julia ... with LV bag
    -my friend attacked with LV dust bag on head:roflmfao:

    (sorry for my poor english and for blurry pics-I had to compress them!)

    [edit] Pictures

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  2. ;)
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  3. how come your photos appear in the negative?
  4. congrats! sorry but can't see the pics!
  5. oh photoshop...
  6. :shrugs:
  7. These do not appear to me. Congratulations on the new stuff though.
  8. can't see anything...:shrugs:
  9. i can't see the photos:shrugs:
  10. There are error messages instead of pics...
  11. I love Verona!
    You're right, in Italy the staff don't speak english well, in fact one or two in each store are foreign girls/boys (more chinese or japanese)
  12. congrats! but yeah can't see pics either, red x
  13. Congrats!
  14. OH, sorry. I'll change it.
  15. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see those pics!