Back from LV holiday Party!

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  1. Had a blast!

    I was the only one there with a miroir and could not take two steps without someone complimenting me or asking me about it....god, I know it sounds shallow...but it was fun! They had a silver speedy and gold pouchette on display, but they wouldn't take them out of the case for anyone, as they had already been sold. My SA said they are hoping for 1 more small shipment and that's it.

    It was packed!

    Not as many limited bags as I thought, but I did see a silver le fab....gorgeous! Nice lady too, talked to for awhile cuz she was unhappy about not getting a miroir. Also saw a mink bum bag, I thought I didn't like this bag at all, but it was pretty cute and gal wearing it looked hot!
  2. oooh silver le fab! I want to seeee.
  3. Wowie... any photos??!! :nuts: I bet all eyes were on you as you walked in with your gorgy new speedy!
  4. I didn't take pics, there wasn't anything amazing enough to
  5. Veronika...said hi to Angela for you....she was thrilled! She said you were sooo nice.
  6. Glad you had fun!!!! :biggrin:

    Congrats on getting lots of compliments!!! I felt special when I got many compliments about my beanie on Friday... I can just imagine how you felt? :graucho:
  7. sounds like fun! im happy about your night out with the silver speedy. :wlae:
  8. Sounds like a lot of fun!!! Glad your bag got lots of compliments..
  9. Oh that sounds like such a fabulous time! I'm glad you were the shimmering spotlight of attention, that sounds like night of fame! :love:
  10. weeee... its party time hey!

    i'm about to go to an event too.. in like 30 mins or so.. just waiting for my friend to arrive..... they are late! lol!

    but i'm glad that you had so much fun at the event.
  11. well the miroir bags are meant to b eye candy. I don't like too much attention on my bags which is why i never went on the waiting list for that bag.

    Nice 2 kno u had a great time! :smile:
  12. Sounds like fun twinkle! Did you buy anything???
  13. Glad you had fun... what did ya buy?
  14. sounds like u had such fun :smile:
  15. Sounds like you had a great time!!