Back from LV...Got my first Limited Edition LV! ***HOT update on F/W Suhali bags!!***

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Aug 22, 2006
Dear Ladies, as you probably know, I was 5th on the waitlist for the Azur Speedy 30...well, it finally arrived (way earlier than the 4 weeks I was told) and I went in to my local LV in Hamburg, Germany, to take a look (my favourite SA was in today and we had a great time!). However, it just didn't click with me....I couldn't feel the love and really liked my Mini Lin Dune Speedy much more than the Azur...Besides, they were actually too similar looking and I just didn't want another Speedy summer bag! Needless to say, I didn't buy it....

I mentioned the Miroir Lockits to my SA and was surprised he immediately knew about them! I wouldn't have thought our LV here would have known anything about the Miroirs, but I was so wrong....

Now to the new Suhali bags: my SA informed me that there will be Suhali Speedies in black and white!!! :wtf::tup: I was shocked and asked him again just to confirm, and yes, they will indeed be coming, but he wasn't sure about the price yet as it's still very early....But he said probably around 1500 Euro-ish....

About the Suhali Lockits: he knew about the gold and silver Lockits, which will be quite limited he said, but was baffled when I mentioned blue and red Suhali Lockits! :confused1: Ha ha, that's where I get ahead of him thanks to tPF!!! I tried on the Lockit PM and MM in white and just loved the look of the white MM! The PM is much smaller than expected, so I think Eve's Lockit in the "Celebrities and their LV's" section might actually be an MM, not PM....

So, without further's my first Limited Edition LV item, the Trunks and Bags Mini Pochette Accessoires!! They only arrived 2 days ago and my store had 3 was LVoe at first sight!! :love::girlsigh:



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Mar 18, 2007
Congrats on your lovely T&B mini!!

Suhali Speedies in black and white!!!


Aug 8, 2006
Orange County
Congrats on the cute mini pochette!

Hmm suhali speedy? OK I definitely want to see this one. If it's not going to have too much hardware going on, I'll have to consider it. Thanks for the update!