Back from LV event!!!

  1. Hello everyone,

    So.. I received a lovely invitation for me and one of my friends from my SA in July and I just came back from the party!

    Didn't see many new bags and accessories and actually got some embarassed replies froms SAs concerning some FW items..

    I didn't say I had a chance to glance at the upcoming collection here on tPF :graucho: I just asked "Are they ever going to release the Neverfull in Damier???"

    Well, I got the usual corporate reply "normally LV waits at least one year to decide if a new bag in made in another canvas/leather and bla bla bla.. otherwise our customers get upset if they buy a bag in some canvas/leather and a few months later the same bag is released in another one and bla bla bla.." :rolleyes:

    Anyway, my friend and I had a great time there, sipping champagne and savouring delicious appetizers!

    Of course, we received a little gift (luggage address label :yahoo: & Guerlain Parfum sample) and.. indulged on a little souvenir : my friend bought a white multicolore mini silk scarf and I got the very last Denim Cruise bandana :heart:

    I hesitated over the new Mono Denim bandana in black but.. I couldn't resist a discontinued item!!!

    tPF_LV invitation_reply.JPG DSCN3340.JPG DSCN3341.JPG DSCN3342.JPG DSCN3345.JPG
  2. Lovin' that denim T & B bandana!!! :drool:

    No pics of the MC scarf? :sad:
  3. Thanks John, I couldn't believe they still had one!

    Nope.. she went straight home after the party.. yet, we will soon take a picture of us together with our scarves :p [we were joking and saying "oh, now we are LV twins!"]
  4. Nice!!
  5. Love the scarf! Glad you had a good time.
  6. the scarf is too cuute!!! congrats!
  7. so cute, congrats.
  8. Thanks girlsgottoshop, sarah2808, Couture_Girl and LVobsessed415.

    I never considered this scarf before but when I saw it tonight I was :nuts:

    It will be even more special to me now as it will remind me of this special moment at LV with my friend..
  9. congrats on the scarf! glad you had fun at the event. i probably would have stuffed my face with appetizers the whole time :p
  10. Glad you had a nice time,
    and congrats on your new things !!!
  11. Good to hear you had a great time!
    Congrats on your scarf!
  12. nice. love those little luggage tags...i wanna get one to put on my damier azur speedy with my initial on it in gold!
  13. Congrats!
  14. wow. sounds like you had fun. I want to attend one of these events too. T_T
  15. Wow sounds like you had fun - and love your new bandana!