Back from LV Champs Elysees PARiS - come and see!

  1. i just came home from PARIS
    woooowwwww - was all I could say on the LV mainstore on Champs Elysees - a shopping paradise!!!!

    they had all the stuff in Azur there!!! amazing!

    guess what I got:

    azur pochette - i love it - hope summer will come fast!

    damier cles & etoile bandeau in grey :smile::love:
    lv_c 003.jpg paris 495.jpg paris 483.jpg
  2. I love that boutique aswell congrats
  3. Beautiful!! Congrats on your purchases!
  4. Congrats! :yahoo:
  5. love your stuff and thanks for the pics of the exterior of the boutique! it must have been fantastic to be there and to see everything... I need to go there one day. congrats!!
  6. congrats! is that WHOLE building the lv store????
  7. very pretty, congrats!
  8. lovely purchases! :love: so glad you had fun in Paris!:yes:
  9. Very nice!
  10. yes the whole building - its about 4000m2 and on 4 floors....there was just everything displayed...there was like a damier corner, a black MC corner, a white MC corner, a Mini Lin corner and so on....
    then stairs up to shoes, clothes, more bags...

    very nice!!!!!!
    i did spend more than an hour in the shop!!!!!
  11. congrats. thanks for the pics.
  12. Congrats! They are super cute!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Congrats!!!!!!! Yes store is wonderfull but little bit to crowded.
  15. OMG! I love the scarf! I hope you had a wonderful time! WOW!:nuts: