Back from LV and Holt Renfrew!

  1. I went with my Aunt and Uncle from Winnipeg! :nuts:

    We went to LV first and I asked to see all the black Cozys. They only had 2 and both had 2 green LVs on the front. :tdown:

    I also looked at the black and ivorie epi lockits (they didn't have red) and the Khaki and Ecru LVOE totes.

    Also checked out the Amarante Billfold and Ludlow. The Billfold is very functional now that it has 6 CC slots. I almost bought the Ludlow but decided to keep waiting for a Cozy with a colour combo I like.

    My uncle ended up buying 2 Antigua sac plats. One was the navy stripes, and the other was the blue GM.

    I got to look through the Lookbook at LV! :nuts: The only thing I wanted from there was the Le Mignon!

    Then we went to Holt Renfrew...and what do you know they had the pink mother of pearl toywatch that they were supposed to call me about! :cursing: They never called me so I ended up buying from eBay (still haven't received it) but I was soooo pissed cuz I would have much rather gotten it from the store! :cursing: :mad:

    Anyways, back on topic, Holt had the Waterproof Keepall. I suggested to my aunt that she get a bandeau so she got the Black MC bandeau that she's going to wear as a scarf! Don't you love it when people take your advice? :p I tried on the black suhali double coiled bracelet again but walked out empty handed!
  2. sounds like you had a fun time!
  3. Hey hey..... the Le Mignon still not here yet?!?! :confused1: Gosh....things are going slow these days......

    I carried my ivorie lockit the first time today to watch Rush Hour 3....haha I just LVoe the smell of epi leather :sweatdrop:

    Was Grace helping you and ur uncle auntie today? I haven't been down there for 2 weeks now i think :yes:
  4. Happy to hear you had fun :nuts:
  5. OMG which location that has the Toy watches ?! I've been craving one. That sucks that they didn't call you.

    It sounds like it was a great Vuitton shopping day for your aunt and uncle ! :yes:
  6. Fun shopping day
  7. No Le Mignon, they only had Le Precieux.

    Yeah, it was funny...Grace and my Aunt hugged and then Grace shook hands with my Uncle! :p *Snorts!*

    Where did you set your Lockit during the movie? Did you put it on the floor? :nuts: I found out that my sis in law has the monogram Lockit and that its popular in hong kong.

    They also had these tiny epi mini-lockits probably for the cell phone.
  8. Thats the 2nd time Holt Renfrew didn't call me. They also didn't call when my red epi pochette arrived. And they never called me about the Azur Speedy! Stupid Holt Renfrew! :hysteric:

    Today I saw 2 Azur Speedys...a 25 on the street and a 30 at Holt.

    This is in Vancouver.
  9. Yeah and they didn't plan to buy anything! But under my evil influence...:whistle:
  10. Rats, I was so excited for a moment that it was Bloor !

    That really sucks that you've gotten hit so many times by non calling SAs - I hate that !! They're supposed to build up client relationships, not be lying jerks ! :push::nogood:
  11. It's always fun to watch other people spend money.....
  12. :roflmfao:

    And the guy who worked at the Watch counter even gave me his name and extension number! :cursing:
  13. Oh and in case anyone is still looking for Tobago...last time they told me it was all sold out but today there was a red tobago carryall and keepall! Sigh...if I had a million dollars...
  14. It sounds like you had a fun shopping day! :yahoo:I wonder why they didn't call you about the watch, that isn't good :tdown:
  15. Congrats, sounds like you had a fun trip!