Back from Louis Vuitton with 2 wonderful bags! I'm excited!

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  1. I'm back from my visit at the LV store with 2 new beauties:
    The red Alma (for this bag I was shure to buy it!!) and
    the Manhattan PM ( I wasn't shure if I like it or maybe the Beverly MM is better).
    But the Manhattan PM IS THE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULST BAG I EVER HAD!!!:yahoo::yahoo:So easy to open, not too haevy and soft and comfortable and and and.......only positiv things!!:yahoo:The Beverly MM wasn't cofortable under my arms, it's too bulky for me. And the Griet is absolutely a very very heavy and uncomfortible bag.
    So I'm very happy with my choice and I would to share my joy with you!:love:
    2 001.jpg 2 002.jpg
  2. Congrats!! I really like both of those bags.
  3. hooorrrraaayyyyy:yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae:
    congratulations both are STUNNING!!!!!
    You are one hell of a lucky girl...
    Wear them in good health....I don't know where to look? Alma or the Manhattan..
    Houston we have serious drooling going on around here!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I love the red alma!! Red Epi leather is so gorgeous and classy!
  5. Congrats! They are both such pretty bags , The red alma is so gorgeous!
  6. Congratulations, such great choices! Enjoy them!
  7. Thank you, you are so kind! I loove them both. I'm an Alma fan since my love for LV was beginning. I have a black one and a Damier too.
    The Manhattan wasn't a favorite bag of me - but this morning at the store it was loooove at first sight. :love:This bag seems to be made for me..
  8. congrats and love them..:heart::tup:
  9. love them..congrats!
  10. yay congrats!!! I love them both! red epi is so beautiful and the manhattan is TDF!!!!
  11. I LOVE the Manhattan and the color of the Epi Rouge is GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  12. Congrats, they are beautiful!
  13. Both are gorgeous---but my favorite is the Epi! Both are So classy! Enjoy!;)
  14. i love them both!!! simply gorgeous!!!
  15. Congrats! They're both beautiful bags, but I just love the Manhattan PM . Two bags in one day is a great way to shop ^_^