Back from London with a new pair of Shoes..... Reveal

  1. Hi Ladies I wasn't planning on a new pair of CL I had originally gone to buy a pair of Valentino shoes but they had sold out so I popped into CL & walked out with a new pair of shoes.

    Had to go down half a size & one foot fits like a glove but the other foot is a tiny bit tight but I'm going to try the sock trick on that foot.

    Got a new little bag to match my new red soles :biggrin:

  2. opennnn :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  3. I chose Ron Ron 85 this time :smile:
    And a new little red Gucci Disco bag to match my new red soles ;)

  4. congratulations dear. love ron ron. its such a comfy pair of shoes :heart:
    your bag is very pretty too !!
  5. I absolutely positively love this! Gorgeous bag and shoes, congrats!
  6. a perfect pair! congrats :yes:
  7. Love it. Great choice on both bag and shoes
  8. Congrats!!! It's a really gorgeous combo!!!
  9. Both are gorgeous!!!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous combination! Congrats!
  11. Totally gorgeous!
  12. Fabulous!
  13. Love! Congrats x
  14. Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!:p
  15. Ohhhh I love that bag....even better love the shoes :smile:)