Back from London with 4 boxes and 1 reserve!!!


Mar 13, 2007
It took me a little while to take these pics as I have had busy days shopping in London:graucho: so was exhausted by the time I arrived in the hotel...
I went to (almost) ALL Christian Louboutin locations and here is my feedback.

Selfridges was definitely my lucky CL spot. Love the buzz there although quite busy I found some great shoes:cool: Went there pretty much 3 days in a row... Ida was my SA at all times.

I then checked out Motcomb Street as it is next to my hotel and did not find anything interesting... they did have the MBB in framboise suede but funnily enough I was not interested in it when i saw it so - pass!

Then I checked out Mount street, (very cute windows) and they had some great pieces including the black on black pigalle and pigalle flats which I would have gone for had I not already the silver on black version..
I then tried on a studded pair of netted slingbacks which came in gold and silver but SOOOOOOO painful as the inside was not lined and the studs were literally scraping my foot. Such a shame as they were stunning-forgot to ask for the name but I have not seen them anywhere else.
Then I suddenly laid my eyes on a pair which I HAD TO HAVE but they did not have my size and the SA (not really helpful) told me it was a Mount St Exclusive... well I guess that was not so true as you will find out soon!

Harrods was so so, I just personally do not like that dark shoe boudoir-so depressing! But for those interested they had the Daffodile pump on display in leopard pony skin and black nappa.

On the day before I left I ventured into the Harvey Nichols concession and loved it (used to work on that floor so it was a nice comeback). It was quiet and I managed to casually find a shoe I had seen before and suprise surprise they had my size :yahoo: also reserved myself the MBP in leopard so double :yahoo: Emma was my SA there

Overall I had not planned this much CL shopping but it just happened and I'm cool with that:biggrin:

So is anyone here for a reveal??????


Apr 7, 2009
:woot:AHHHHHHH!!!!! :woot: Im DYING for these!!!!:woot: