Back from London LV party


Nov 22, 2006
I went to the LV party last night. The champange and snacks were nice but there was no LV chocolates! I saw a few ladies carrying miroir speedy, papillon and pochette (all siliver!). I also saw gold speedy and papillon on display. IMO, miroir papillon looks better than miroir speedy. I was disappointed as there wasn't any special edition goodies on display. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was fab and all SAs were extremely friendly. I didn't take any photos but I saw the SAs walking around and took photos of guests. Overall, I enjoyed my time there although I left with empty handed!
Glad you had a nice time. I really want to go to an LV event just once, they send me an invite- like the day before- when I live in the middle of no where and need to arrange flights and everything. Hopeless.:sad: