Back from Las Vegas with LV! (long)

  1. I finally was able to visit a LV boutique for the first time! It was so exciting; I went to the one in the Wynn. I originally was planning to start at the Fashion Show Mall, but after my long trek the LV sign on the Wynn was like a beacon! Everybody was so pleasant to me; I admit I was a bit apprehensive after reading some of the horror stories. I was a bit overwhelmed and can't remember what all I saw there. I made the round of the store and this sweet SA asked if I wanted to look at anything closer so I asked to see the framboise vernis cles. She pulled it out and the girl next to me told me that she wanted it if I didn't get it. I'm thinking, oh boy, my first LV battle! But I had a little nudge in my head that told me to ask about the heart coin purses. No vernis but one lonely MC heart waiting for me! :nuts: So I got the MC heart and the lady next to me got the framboise cles! All of the SA's were complimenting the heart and how it was such a limited piece, of course I was just blushing away. When I pulled out my mandarin agenda to pay, it caused another flurry; I guess some of the SAs were new and never saw that color. Another thing that was sort of funny was that I had my petite bucket and while I was in there 2 other women came in with theirs! It was like a bucket convention!
    Anyways, I felt like I was walking on air when I left there. I didn't want to jinx my first LV boutique so I just went to the Neiman Marcus and purchased some Annick Goutal Petite Cherie parfum.
    So, I started my journey back the other way and went to Tiffany's at Bellagio and got the 18k mini-bean pendant I've been lusting for.
    Whew! The next few days, I just lounged about the Orleans casino. My dh's classes ran very long, so I had to be ready to meet him for lunch/dinner.
    His classes ended Friday so we took the shuttle back down to the strip. We were pretty tired so we went to the Caeser's Forum shops. We walked a little ways and decided to eat at the Stage Deli. Well, of course, like a welcome sign, there was the LV boutique straight ahead. I had to look and get DH's opionions on a few things. :graucho: I saw my first azur pieces IRL and we thought they were beautiful. I definitely want a purse in that! I was a little disappointed in the mrytille epi color. I thought it would be more vibrant. Totally fell in love with the epi alma, bowling montainge pm denim speedy and monogram speedy! The ivoire epi and dune mini colors didn't wow me. I was surprised! There were a few perfo pieces there and dh loved them; he purchased the green perfo cles for me. I was so surprised!
    Again, everyone there was so nice and cheerful. We were both very pleased by it; being that my dh is heavily tattooed and our regular dress is jeans/t-shirts, sometimes we can experience weird vibes.
    We got our pastrami fix at Stage Deli and dh got a pair of Donald J Pliner shoes. We caught the water show at the Bellagio and headed back to the Orleans to pack and return home.
    I have to say that it is really amazing how SEEING a piece on someone can totally change your viewpoint. I was not a fan of the monogram alma, but I saw several people with it and it was fabulous! I saw several LV pieces in action and I can say that LV can easily fit most lifestyles; I saw a vavin coussin, cabas piano, a regular lockit and several mono speedies. The lady next to me on the plane had a damier piece that I didn't recognize. I think it was a luggage piece. are my two new additions and thanks for reading my bubbly account of my first LV boutique experiences!
    mcheart2.jpg perfo.jpg
  2. how lucky are you! glad u had a good time at the store!! beautiful things you got! congrats!!
  3. wow so glad to hear you had a great time! love the new pieces :biggrin:
  4. Congrats! I can't wait until my first LV experience :biggrin:
  5. Congrats on the Heart and Perfo:yahoo: Glad you had a great time and good experience.Thanks for sharing.;)
  6. I love both of your pieces, congrats and im glad you had a good first time boutique experience:smile:!
  7. very nice! love the MC heart!
  8. Love the heart purse. Congrats
  9. Love your purchases!!! Congrats! ;)
  10. Glad to had a great time Vegas is awesome there is totally no attitude problems there I guess they see everyone form every walk of life and you never knew who's going to hit it big.

    Love your new pieces!
  11. :yahoo: I love your new goodies!
    *Congratulations* Glad to hear you had such a great time in Vegas.

    I am so craving pastrami now, curse you & your great writing.
  12. Congrats on your new purchases and experience!
  13. oh gosh it sounds like you had an amazing experience!
    I'm so happy for you that it was nothing but positive!!!!!

    I had called last week and ALMOST bought the MC heart purse (they said it was their last one) from Wynn's .. I wound up ordering a groom piece instead. How funny is that?
  14. Congrats! I'm glad there was a heart waiting for you!!
  15. Congrats! Im glad you had a great experience....