Back from Kauai! Lots of pics to share!

  1. Hi guys! Just got back yesterday and I only wish we could have stayed longer! It was so beautiful there! I only have time to post a couple of photos right now (I have to take DH back to airport - he's going to London today for work - I gotta stay home :yucky: )

    But for starters, heres a couple I thought you'd enjoy:

    "Wapity" on vacation early first morning (or as my husband kept calling it, "Capuchin")

    me and DH - dinner on the beach (full moon included!) this was towards the end of the week.

    I'll post more when I get back from the airport...
  2. Simply beautiful! Looks like Wapity had a very good time! You and your hubby make a very handsome couple!

    Thanks for the pictures! Can't wait to see more!
  3. YAY! Thanks for sharing pictures. You and your husband are such a great couple. I love your dress (or sarong?).
  4. Beautiful pics!! I would love to go there sometime. Glad you had a great time and you guys look so cute together!!
  5. Gorgeous pictures!!! I am glad you had a good time! I loooove Hawaii!!!!
  6. Oh, I love those pics! Yay, you are back! :yahoo: :yahoo: Tpf was not the same without you!
  7. Glad you had a nice time!
  8. lovely pics.. thanks for sharing.. gosh, sounds like the vacation was really fun....
  9. Beautiful pictures, and I love your dress! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Ahhh, Kauai...where did you stay? Glad you had such a good time.
  11. pretty pics!! It looks gorgeous! Glad to hear it was such a nice trip.
  12. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more!
  13. COOL PICS! we missed ya here....We gotta get a new Club Bag-n-Shoo started..LOL..I miss bouncing at yer club...HEE!HEE!
  14. Yay!! You're home & you had a great time!!!
    You & hubby look so cute & happy, sorry he has to go again, but there is always the club :smile:
  15. bag you're so beautiful!!!!!!! :love:
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