Back from Italy!

  1. Hello my dearest Ladies!

    I've been away in Italy for a work trip the whole of last week, hence my being MIA :shame: Have been DYING to check in, but didn't have a chance until now. I have missed y'all so!

    Wanted to share with everyone my stash of goodies I got from the BV shop in Venice, cos I know you girls will share my joy :biggrin:

    - Large Veneta in Nero (finally, my first BV bag!! :yahoo:)

    - Cute lil namecard holder in Ebano (been wanting to get a namecard holder to match my wallet)

    - Medium length phone strap in Poudre (the SA sold me on the medium length, saying it was more pratical than the small one - SO true cos you have slip ya hand in to hang it on ya wrist! And they only had one piece that came in, which was in Poudre. Wasn't Magnolia or Quarzo like I was considering, but it's really such a gorgeous thing IRL, so I was sold :shame:smile:

    - Another small phone strap in Nero for the bf for being such a sweetie the whole time I was away

    I haven't totalled my bill (exchange rate and VAT refund etc), but I'm really pleased with my purchases! LURVE 'em all, and they're such splendid reminders of this work trip :love:

    Will be sure to take some pics soon, and post 'em asap!!
  2. Congrats!!!!!! Looking forward to see the photos. Did you get anything else apart from BV?
  3. welcome back and congrats! :yahoo: :heart:
  4. oh, BTW will visit venice too the next sunday. can't wait. :yahoo:

    any tips for me where to go/which shops to visit? :graucho:
  5. I didn't shop anywhere else other than at the BV store cos there was simply no time! We went to Venice, I located the BV store, and I only managed to shop there :shame:

    I'm absolutely terrible I know :shame: :shame: :shame:
  6. WOW to you! Congratrulations!!!

    Get those pics up as soon as you can!!!!!!
  7. Oh, lucky you, I love Venice! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. RoseMary, some shops are close on Sunday in Venice. You can find most designer shops there including BV, LV, Hermes, Chanel, Tods, Prada, Ferragamo, Gucci, Fendi, etc.
  9. Sounds awesome! cant wait to see pics!!
  10. yeah, thanks! i know venice quite well and i know most designer stores are opened, i just asked because maybe there were some tips i hadn't known off before. :smile:
  11. Sounds gorgeous! I'm going to Ialy next year and would love to get the scoop on the prices over there. Thanks!!!
  12. Nymph sweetie, good to have you back! :yes: Was beginning to wonder what happened to you. You lucky gal, to have a work trip to the home country of Bottega. Envy, envy, ENVY. I would have bought the entire collection back, LOL. :graucho: Congrats, what a scoop, :woohoo: peektures please!!!
  13. What fun you must have had! To be in Italy PLUS be in an Italian BV store!:tender: So happy for you- and yep, I'm with the rest...waitin' for those pictures!!:popcorn:
  14. Congratulations.
  15. Congratulations!
    Can't wait to see the pics.