Back from Italy and Milan SF store - AW11 collection reveal!

  1. that is a real pretty wallet! Congrats
  2. Thank you all - I love it more and more each day I'm using it! :biggrin:
  3. beautiful wallet, love it.
  4. Thank you!:smile:
  5. it's simply the most fabulous wallet i've ever seen!

    huge congrats! and thank you for the exciting reveal... well done :smile:
  6. Aww thank you so much rracia! :flowers:
  7. Mlendra - that is a beautiful wallet. The leather is Saffiano calf, and the color is Oxblood. The style is just called Continental wallet. The color is new for Ferragamo, and is absolutely gorgeous! Did you see any Oxblood bags? The Saffiano leather is a regular one for Ferragamo.
  8. lovely, congrats.
  9. Ooh........I like it and great color too.....congrats!!!