Back from Honolulu!!! Exhausted!!

  1. Aloha all!!!

    Well, three days and two Hermes later, I am finally back.
    I flew over on Friday, expecting to have DH in tow, but he had a last minute meeting, so I flew over alone...

    A whole day to myself

    ...what to do?
    .....what to do?
    ...............................what to do??

  2. :graucho:

    orange boxes.JPG
  3. :nuts::yahoo::nuts::tup::yahoo:

    What are in all those boxes??? What could they be?? CAN"T WAIT FOR YOU TO SHOW US!!

    Don't know how to play the STRIP TEASE songs??? I can sing??:nuts:
  4. :roflmfao: Looks like you didn't have much trouble finding something to amuse yourself. Way to go, CB!!! :yahoo:
  5. Cute, cant wait for the unwrapping!
  6. Well, I got there at around 2 PM. I dont want you to think for one minute that I make hasty Hermes decisions!!

    I left at 8 PM with this wonderful assortment!

    open boxes.JPG
  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhh time to get my drink ready!
  8. CB your FAST!!!!!!!!! hehe.... LOVE IT LOVE IT. so many goodies!
  9. Sweet!!!! Can I see the small Violin (purple) pouch to hold pens, I'm still trying to talk myself into one of those for my lip glosses. I like the "Les Boxes" pleated scarf too..
  10. Ahem.

    I'd just like to point out that there's no plisse exclusion clause on the scarf ban listing in your sig line.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that; I'm just sayin'.

    Seriously, though, CB: Your new stash is fab. I love all of it. :heart:
  11. Whoa! Now that is what I call loot!! Congrats, CB!
  12. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is gorgeous! Great trip indeed!!!!
  13. It was an amazing 6 hours!!!

    It was a slow day, so SAs and I got to PLAY with everything!!

    We played with all kinds of scarves, and jewelry and bags bags bags....

    Finally, the district manager came out to see what all the fun was about!! We played with him, too!!

    It was the best day ever...Honestly it was...

    I started in the scarf section.....
    Mousselines were the first order of business.

    I tried to resist the GMs, but I could not!!!!


    Then, something neutral that goes with all my black and white wardrobe....A pattern I love!!!


    And the cosmos scarf ring, which is what I was determined to get this trip.....
    musique mousse.JPG acc ring.JPG
  14. WOW! that's SOME beauuuuuuuutiful stuff!!!!
  15. Now, even though I did not specifically exempt plissees, I really meant to.



    en duo open.JPG america plisee.JPG plisee2.JPG