Back from Hong Kong Part II

  1. Hi everyone

    I am backedddd!!!

    I used my JPG a few times... well it is quite hard to keep clean honestly but I am trying my best. the sales suggested me to put a scraf on the handle but i am not sure how it works...

    the bag is extremely heavy!! and it left a red mark on my shoulder .. so sad...

    I've seen many birkin and kelly at HK secondhandshop!! they have croco in plum, red, brown etc. and many bi-color or single color birkin from mini size to travel size. Somehow I believe hermes just release a batch of purple and white birkin since I saw at least 1 white birkin at every secondhand store as well as purple one.

    I hardly see any JPG around or in the store and they told me nobody got the stock so the whole HK is looking for JPG birkin since it suits summer time as well!

    in the Hermes store, the service was quite bad and I dont see any birkin except a travel style birkin which looks huge!!

    I saw a white epsom kelly and a gold color in store. Rather than kelly and birkin, I saw many garden party at the bangkok store. and I saw many diff color of bearn wallet, they have green, blue, red, brown, black, yellow etc!!

    Enjoy the pics!
    DSC00070.JPG DSC00073.JPG DSC00134.jpg
  2. That's a beautiful bag! I saw the same one (white, clemence) at my store the other day. I was tempted but I believe you when you say it's difficult to keep clean. Sheesh, my wallet is a little grimy and I've only had it a couple of weeks.
  3. wow your bag is really nice, and HK must have been fun to shop! i can never bring myself to buy any white bags of any brand... if i bought one, it would just sit at home in a display case for admiring purposes only!
  4. verrrry nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. It's a big difficult to handle at hk since it is so crowd everywhere, I only use it when I am going to take taxi and I used it once at bangkok as well.

    you saw one at your store? you should get it!! since JPG birkin in white color is quite rare, the most common color will be blue jeans and gold color.
  6. Chloe, your white JPG Birkin is so beautiful!!! You wear her really well! Congrats!!!
  7. Your JPG really suits you! You look great!
  8. I love it! I love the style and there is nothing like a big white bag!
  9. you look absolutely STUNNING :nuts: and i really do love the JPG
  10. gorgeous bag and the size fits you perfectly :flowers:
  11. Lovely bag and I'm always tempted with white, but don't have the courage ... someday!

    I agree that JPG is quite heavy and huge. I tried a couple at my boutique and I looked like a shrimp!
  12. You look like a gorgeous lean are stunning and a woman of courage to have a white bag! Hands down I salute you and live through you!!! Love it!!! With my kids it would be a mess.
  13. A shrimp should be so lucky to have a Birkin :graucho:

    I didn't get the white because I really want the red and I'm too messy for white. I poured my cup of joe on my Picotin on the first day so I dare not imagine what I'd do with a white JPG.
  14. thanks for the pics, your JPG looks great on you! i haven't seen any pictures of people wearing their JPG so these really help!!
  15. What a gorgeous JPG! It looks great on you! oh i LOOOVE the JPG, I want one in pink for my milestone birthday~~~:nuts: