Back from holidays...

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  1. Is there a thread for Christmas gift reveals? :shrugs:

    Santa bought me a wonderful 35 Natural Chamonix Birkin with gold hardware (the most divine bag I've ever seen!) and a luuuurvly ebene clemence Massai PM! Also some scarves, perfume and porcelain.

    Will take pics soon - DH is still on leave, so I won't be around so much until next week - gotta spend quality time with the guy who showers me with Hermes!
  2. Welcome back, K! Bet you had a fab holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What a heap of orange boxes from Santa. Congratulations!:p :yahoo:
  3. Welcome back! Woah, what fabulous Xmas pressies! Can't wait to see pics!

  4. Welcome back girl, we missed ya!!!!:yahoo: Wow, so you did get natural chamonix in the end...WELL DONE!!! I can't wait to see pics, you know I'm after the same kind of thing, must make my mind up..... I bet those knee pads have had a rough time!?!?:graucho: LOL!
  5. beautiful! Use everything in the best of health and happiness! :drinkup:
  6. WOW, you got excellent gifts!!!!! Congrats!
  7. LOL - Duna, I was thinking of you when I opened that orange box!! You would LOVE Natural I've just gotta be careful not to run under the sprinklers with her...
  8. Is Natural Chamonix like berenia? Kind of?
  9. Welcome back...! wow cant wait to see the pics , have you used the masi yet ? would love one are you finding it useful?:smile:
  10. Welcome back, GF!!:yahoo: We missed you here! Congratulations on your goodies, what an excellent way to end 2006!!!
  11. It looks more like Vache Natural.
  12. I love, love natural chamonix!!! What a beauty you got there ... and other beauties too!!!
  13. Welcome Back, GF. Missed your spunk and sparkle here on the purse forum.
    ...can't wait to see modeling pics of your Birkin and Massai. THEY both sound so beautiful, especially since they were LOVING GIFTS from a LOVING DH. CONGRATS ON BOTH ITEMS!:yahoo:

    What a very GREAT and THOUGHTFUL and GENEROUS DH you have. :heart:

    Okay, did you get NEW kneepads? TEll me your trick...Don't want my DH to become a PHH.:sweatdrop:
  14. sounds wonderful! Can't wait for pics - have a great holiday!
  15. Clearly, Mr. Lau told Santa what a very GOOD girl you had been this past year!! Congrats on the new treats and welcome back!